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As people, we are all liberty thinkers. We believe that the concepts and practice of both thought and liberty are inseparable. In order to be free, one must think. In order to think, one must be free. Liberty and thought are not mutually exclusive. Liberty is more than just a laundry list of freedoms and rights; it is the only principle through which mankind’s happiness and personal satisfaction can be maximized.

Liberty Thinkers is our expression of the philosophy of liberty; of greater importance, it is our call to and for liberty. We aspire to share ideas, anecdotes, and personal viewpoints on the topics of liberty, freedom, and the principles of a free market.

To quote Thomas Jefferson, “those who value the liberty of conscience for themselves should resist invasions of it in the case of others.” More than anything, we understand that philosophy and we believe that those who feel likewise will understand.

We hope you will enjoy what we have to offer on our blog. For more information about our contributors, please click on their names, as listed below.

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