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I'm a liberty fighter from the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.

Mark Fiorino, Philadelphia Open Carrier incident update!

About a year ago today, Mark Fiorino was stopped and threatened by several Philadelphia police officers for openly carrying his firearms, as we mentioned in an earlier blog post.  Fortunately for him, he recorded the entire incident on his voice recorder, which was then put on youtube by our fellow blogger, Timothy Havener.  The youtube video with the most content can be seen here, with parts two and three here and here (the first video contains most of what you’d be interested in hearing).

Republican liberals

What’s worse than a Democratic liberal?  A Republican liberal who tries to mask as some sort of conservative!

The Republican Party seems to be gearing up for a Romney nomination, who, by the way, is pretty similar to President Obama in a lot of ways.

Rather than nominating someone like Ron Paul, who reaches out to a vast array of people, which is what the Republican Party will need to beat Obama in 2012, they seem content with a Republican liberal who accomplished everything most Republicans scream about today, while he was the Governor in Massachusetts.

The irony in the U.S. government suing big banks over the housing debacle…

Isn’t it a bit ironic that the U.S. government is going to sue a few of the big banks in America when the government’s policies are part of what caused the housing disaster in the first place?  Not only did the government’s policies create the bubble, but the federal reserve’s policies also helped to continually build up and add fuel to the ensuing bubble that would inevitably burst.  What’s even worse than that and maybe reaches an even higher level of irony is that the same banks that the government is now suing are the same banks it bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a few years ago.  Furthermore, not only are they suing the banks they bailed out, the lawsuit they’re bringing forward is going to cost the tax payers millions of dollars and the banks they’re taking to court might even use the bailout money they received over the years to cover their legal expenses.  But what’s even worse is that this step by the “critical thinkers” doesn’t address the issue of central banking and central planning by previous and present political hacks.

Firearm freedom starts with firearm education

There is no disputing the facts that firearm freedom comes from firearm education and that the perils of lost liberties are the direct cause of failing to educate on the present subject being discussed.  After all, politicians are elected by the people in their state, their district, or in their locality.  So,  educating the populace about guns and the right to keep and bear arms will lead to greater freedom in the long run, but it won’t be easy and we must recognize that we may fall short in the short term until we reach out and appeal to the hearts, minds, and ideals of the community at large.

Lawlessness within the ATF

Yes America, a federal agency appears to be trying to cover up a horrific story where 2 federal agents were killed by guns that American officials allowed to walk freely down across the border into Mexico which ultimately landed up in the hands of some drug cartels.  All apparently so the ATF could take down a large Drug Cartel to make it appear as if they’re making the world safer from drugs and that their war on drugs is actually working.

End the fed rally recap

Over the rainy weekend that just past, hundreds of sound money advocates gathered at the federal reserve building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to protest the existence of the extremely secretive federal reserve that was enacted by Congress just a few days before Christmas in 1913.

Along with protesting in front of the federal reserve building, several individuals such as: Ernie Hancock, Adam Kokesh, Larken Rose, Scott Davis, and Darren Wolfe gave short speeches.  After the speeches were wrapped up, we began on our marching route that started out on Market Street and ended at Buffalo Billiards on Chestnut Street.  During the march, we handed out hundreds if not thousands of fliers while listening to Jordan Page who was playing live music from a float being pulled along the route in the street that was being escorted by the Philadelphia Police Department.