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I'm a liberty fighter from the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.

Armed revolution in America today

This article was sent into us via our contact form by Anonymous.

Many people dismiss the idea it is at all possible for the US population to resist our modern military when discussing the 2nd amendment- this only plays into the hands of people who would like to be tyrants for a revolt thought to be impossible is a revolt that does not occur.  Now I can’t blame people (too much) for this thought as its been drummed into their heads for a long time and unless someone has been in the military or researched asymmetrical warfare they likely are only surmising what they can based on the US’s history against other modern militaries.  Of course this is an apples to oranges comparison as asymmetrical warfare is never about the meeting of modern military forces – rather its more akin to fighting as we are seeing in Afghanistan and saw in Vietnam.

The power of the jury is necessary in a free society

Jury nullification is the process where a jury either finds that a law being applied in the trial is unlawful or that the evidence, or lack thereof, doesn’t support the charge, thus nullifying the law, the evidence and/or both!  The practice of nullification by a jury goes back hundreds of years and was a way to ensure that citizens didn’t suffer directly under tyrannical rule of the state or by a biased judge, but rather sought to rely on a jury of “peers” to either acquit or convict an individual.

Open Carrier harassed and threatened in Philadelphia

Mark Fiorino, a fellow gun owner in the state of Pennsylvania, was walking to a local auto parts store when he was confronted by officers of the Philadelphia Police Department because he was openly carrying his firearm.  In our commonwealth, open carry is completely legal without a license except for when carrying in a car, in the city of Philadelphia and during the time of a declared emergency.  The statue below, which can be found in the PA Uniform Firearms Act, is the current law with regards to carrying in Philadelphia.

§6108. Carrying Firearms on Public Streets or Public Property in Philadelphia.

A note to fellow gun owners

The right to keep and bear arms is the staple to a free society where liberty prevails and of which America was founded on.  If we don’t keep those thoughts in mind, we’ll end up like every other nation on the face of the planet that is or was under some sort of Authoritarian rule.

We have failed to ensure that the constitutional Republic that the founders gave to us always remains intact.  We have failed to protect the right to keep and bear arms.  We have failed to push back anti-gunners from legislating against our rightful ownership of arms.  We have failed at educating the public as to why we carry a weapon for self defense.  We have failed to do a lot and it’s about time we turn things around and start taking action.

The unpatriotic act is up for renewal

Yes, that’s right!  The unpatriotic act is up for renewal and is trying to be passed while little to no discussion is had on the matter.  But there should be expansive debate on the move to repeal the entire bill, not just some slimy debate on extended it.  See, politicians like to use friendly words to disguise the true purpose behind their agenda they’re trying to push through as if it’s bringing so much good to this country.

The Right Argument in Support of the Second Amendment

Written by: Jason Ronczka

So much time is spent in gun circles pondering how to bring more people into supporting the passion that is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. All manners of arguments are created, some using empirical data and statistics to show that crime is not caused by guns or that guns actually reduce crime; others citing historical significance showing that our history and the basis for the power and security of our citizenry is an armed populace.

Personally, my experience is that if you attack the issue from the basis of ALL rights; that all free people have them at birth and they cannot truly be taken away (not even by law) and that they are all important in order for a free people to flourish despite promises of safety or prosperity in the absence of said rights, it’s much easier to bring people around to the support of the Second Amendment.

A practical approach to advancing gun rights

As someone who holds the right to self defense in the highest regard, I often wonder why it is that self defense advocates complain about the politicians stripping away our rights, but often times won’t do their best to educate the uninformed.  I also submit that the right to self defense protects ALL of our other freedoms and is EXTREMELY important to preserve liberty for free people.

Sure pro-gun legislation is great for gun owners, but it doesn’t do much to reach out and let people know all about our cause; which is the advancement of gun rights.

One must only need to look at the U.S. Constitution to understand that gun control is unconstitutional: