About Andrew Weit

I voted for Obama in 2008 and realize what a big mistake I made. I am now working to change this mistake and join the pro-Liberty tide that is the Ron Paul 2012 movement.

I’m back! My journey through the forest…

and that has made all the differenceI took a, semi-involuntary, several month-long hiatus from Ron Paul and, more generally, a several month-long hiatus from politics in general. I went through a pretty rough breakup which shook-up the rest of my life. However, I found “myself” once again and was ready to re-enter the world of politics. When I decided to get back into the game, I followed Gary Johnson for a time, then followed Fred Karger for a time.

SONY’s PSN outage teaches us many things…

If you have owned or still own a PlayStation 3 console or know someone who does, you are probably aware of the PSN (PlayStation Network.) It’s the network that you are required to log-in to in order to do practically anything online using the PlayStation 3 console. This includes on-line multiplayer gaming, checking PlayStation Home, and completing the mandatory game and console software updates. For those of you who are unfamiliar with thePlayStation Network PlayStation 3, you are required to download and install console software updates and, upon purchasing a video game, you are required to download and install an update for each individual game. Failure to do this will result in your inability to use any of the PS3 features that require an internet connection (which is numerous.)

States can violate the Constitution, too.

In a recent interview conducted by Radley Balko of Reason Magazine, Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers describes his position on the Federal Government and states who violate the Constitution:

reason: Oath Keepers seems to be primarily focused on the federal government. But state and local governments are certainly capable of violating the Constitution. Do you think the 14th Amendment allows the federal government to intervene if, say, a local sheriff is violating the rights of the residents of his county?

The Libertarian Double-Standard

I have recently made the decision to drop the Libertarian Party. I’m still a libertarian, though.

That is, I still firmly believe in the Philosophy of Liberty. But, I will no longer actively support the Libertarian Party.

It has become clear to me that the Chair, Secretary, and Media Relations of the Pennsylvania Chapter wish to “tone down” the speech of Libertarians in favor of making the party “more accessible.” I will let them speak for themselves below. Some may consider these quotes to be “out-of-context.” However, I provide a link to the exact quote in the LPPA forums so that you may read them in-context. It is my belief, however, that most of these statements speak for themselves.

The toxicity of the Neo-“Tea Party” crowd.

In true libertarian fashion, I hold nothing sacred but the indefeasible value and worth of man’s own faculties as reflected in the free market. This means almost everything has a cross-hair on it. (And yes, I used violent rhetoric that I will NOT tone down.) From the most liberal (borderline communist) democrat in Massachusetts, to the most zealous preacher in southern Texas, to the most apathetic stoner in California, everything is up for critique and debate.

Neo-"Tea Party" is toxic wasteThis brings me to the title of this article: The toxicity of the neo-“Tea Party” movement.

The Next Civil War?

A spectre is haunting America – the spectre of Statism.

Indeed, Communism is here in America and has been for quite some time. From the establishment of the cartel known as The Federal Reserve in 1913 to the creation of the terrorist organization known as the Department of Homeland Security, central planning and the philosophy of Communism has become a staple of American politics.

Global Insurrection and States’ Rights: tyranny vs. Liberty

Even if you have been living under a rock (and no I don’t mean Saudi Arabia) you have heard about the seemingly global civil unrest in countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Tunisia, and Egypt. These peoples, being under despotic rule, decided that tyranny could reign no longer. They took to the streets, organized themselves into groups, and fought against riot police, State curfews, and good ol’ made-in-America tear gas in order to get that message across.