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Healthcare Paradox

Healthcare can never, never be affordable unless there is some spending cap or limit on how much medical treatment a person can get. There will always be some new experimental procedure or drug that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and has a low rate of success that will drain any insurance pool.

How much money do you put into a car before you decide to junk it? At some point it makes financial sense to stop fixing a car. Problem is that you can not easily make that logical decision about people. So at what point do you stop treating someone who will die any way? Who wants to make that decision???

Purpose of Drug War : Provide Employment for Cops

It took me a while to come to see things in their true light with regard to the Drug War. For too long I believed what I was told by the popular media.  We have come to accept that most Illegal Drug activity is financially motivated…. what we fail to grasp is… so is  Law Enforcement activity.  Dependency on a “Police State” for protection from ourselves is no worse then being addicted to drugs. The drugs, the drug addicts and even drug violence is not a threat to our liberty… the existence of  a “Police State” is a threat to liberty.

What Recession ???

It baffles my mind that politicians are trying to sell to the public that “they” are the ones that will solve all the economic problems.  It is generally acknowledged that the Dot-Com Boom of 1999-2000 was artificial in nature. It is also generally acknowledged that the Housing Boom  between 2002 and 2008 was also a bad thing fueled by loose credit and inflationary money, resulting in an over supply of houses.  The politicians in effect are all trying to sell us the “snake oil” that will ignite the next economic boom. Do we really want another roller coaster ride?

How Government Financial Aid to College Students Causes Expensive Education…

Government Financial Aid has resulted in inflating the cost of tuition. College tuition is not driven by the free market, but by government subsidy. Attempts by the government to help poor people have hurt middle class people who do not qualify for financial aid and who are now stuck paying for the higher prices that have resulted from the government subsidy of education.

In any developed society there is a balance… Government can not help one group of people without hurting some other group of people.

The Purpose of Government

If I put a street light outside my house it is because  I want to be  able to see at night down the  street outside my house…. There is no way that I can keep other people walking down the street from benefiting from my street light. I do not have the right to stop people from walking down the public street.  I can not force them to blindfold themselves or to  charge them a toll.  I have paid for the installation and continuing electric expense the street light and I can neither stop other people from benefiting from my expense nor recover any expenses from them. This is an example of a service that should be provided by government. The lights inside my house are for my own use only and I can prevent other people from benefiting by denying them access to my house. This is an example of something that should not be paid for by government.

Why Money is Worth Anything….

In 1933 in order to give credibility to the Gold Standard executive order 6102 was issued by President Franklin Roosevelt. The order criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership  or corporation. There is nothing in the constitution that allows for such an order and it was challenged in court.  Its enforceability was always in question but many Americans blindly submitted. The privately owned Federal Reserve Bank paid $20.67 per ounce for the gold they received. Later the exchange rate was set  at $35 per ounce  for international transactions where it stayed until 1971.

Debt Ceiling Hocus-Pocus Illusions

Raising the debt ceiling means printing more money (electronically).  After the debt ceiling is raised the Department of  Treasury will print up some new government notes, bonds and bills and sell them to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve will then create  some new money and give it to the US Treasury. All this does is dilute the existing currency and weaken the value of the dollar. Businessmen  pay close attention to the actions of the government in regard to creating new money. The second the debt ceiling is raised, they raise prices to compensate for the diluted currency. Raising the debt ceiling will accomplish nothing in the long term except put government deeper into a debt they can not pay back.