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Thomas Jefferson and Foreign Wars

I find myself looking to Thomas Jefferson for guidance on this issue of involvement in foreign wars. While Jefferson was vocally opposed to involvement in foreign wars… he did initiate the first foreign military action against the Barbary Pirates. Jefferson was very aware of the gap between the “Ideal” and the “Practical” and the difficulty and need to bridging the two. Thomas Jefferson recognized that the American People should be protected beyond the borders of the United States. Jefferson went to war with the Barbary Pirates because it was in the interest of the people of  the United States. This does not conflict with his doctrine of non involvement in foreign affairs. A war in support of the interests of the American People is not a foreign war even if it takes place on foreign land.

China’s Apparent Economic Success

According to the International Monetary Fund China’s economy will surpass the economy of the United states by 2016.


This reminds me of the Depression era of the 1930’s when the communist economy of  the Soviet Union seemed to have escaped the economic depression that was gripping the Free World. Communists around the world rallied around this and many people in America, and around the world, questioned the cost/benefit of Capitalism.  What was not know at the time was that there was a famine in the Soviet Union and that Stalin had caused the death,  both directly and indirectly, of some 20 million people… which of course lowered the food supply needs. One can also look to the institute of slavery and serfdom as being highly beneficial throughout history for the part of the population that were not slaves.

Polygamy and Gay Rights

So what is the difference in having 4 Wives… or 1 wife and 3 girlfriends… or 4 girlfriends… or an open marriage… or being a swinger? Where does one cross the line into polygamy?

Marriage needs to be defined:

-Is it a religious institution? In that case freedom of religion means a person can have as many spouses as his/her religion permits.

-Is it a legal institution?  In that case the only marriage that counts is the one accepted by the state. It does not matter if someone has non-legal marriages or affairs on the side.

Presidential Internet kill Switch to Blind and Mute the people

The proposed “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010″ would give the Federal Government the ability to shut down the internet in America… in the same way Lybia and Egypt shut down the internet in an attempt to  stop protesters from organizing.  I find it odd that any politician who  considers himself an American would propose such a bill. The backers of this bill say that its purpose is to protect the internet form cyber attack. The best protection for the internet is to keep it free and open with zero restrictions or control.  No doubt the internet can be a very disturbing place… but not nearly as disturbing as the Tyranny that First Amendment is intended to repel.

Delusion of Freedom in Egypt

Thousands of people are celebrating freedom in the streets of Egypt. They are living in the delusion that the events in Egypt unfolded the way they did because their dictator was afraid of unarmed civilians screaming in the streets. Egypt unfolded the way it did because the Military wanted to take control of the country. The protesters were a convenient tool. When Mubarak looked out his window, he looked over the heads of  the protesters to the military standing behind them.  The Egyptian military has pulled off one of the most cleaver takeovers in modern history and managed to come out looking like champions of democracy.

Starvation Diet for Government

No mater how much tolls and taxes government imposes… it will never, ever, ever, be enough. Government will  always find a way to waste the money they raise and come back for more. I will modify a quote I heard and say… giving money to government is like feeding wild animals, they keep coming back for more food and then they attack you for not feeding them.

Fed Chairman Bernanke thinks American Businessmen are Stupid

Bernanke testified before Congress last week that Inflation remains “quite low”. He explained his measure of  “core” inflation which excludes food and energy prices. I do not think  Bernanke understands that Americans do not have the option of  “choosing” not to eat, heat their homes or drive to work. The fact is that the Federal Reserve has been “cherry picking” the statistics to produce the results they want to see for a very long time. Of course the Federal Reserve always has the support of the both the president and the congress in this deception of the American people, since it is in the interest of the politicians to sweep inflation under the rug and pretend that it does not exist.