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Mayor Michael Bloomberg responsible for stabbing spree in NYC – NO GUNS USED

A NYC man is accused of stabbing three people to death, and fatally running down a fourth person with a car during a 28-hour crime spree (Feb 12 and 13, 2011).  Amazingly no guns were used in the murders. If  someone were to listen to the rhetoric of  NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg, they might come to the conclusion that it is impossible to murder someone without a gun… or that if guns were not available no murders could occur. Contrary to Mayor Bloomberg’s logic, murder still happens without guns and the police are not there to protect the people.

Foreign Trade – Good or Bad ?

Foreign trade is a very perplexing subject to me despite my background in accounting and business.  I have spent at least two decades trying to figure out who is the winner and who is the loser. The answer to that would seem to be a simple matter of knowing if you are gaining or loosing from foreign trade, but difficulty lies in figuring what constitutes a gain or loss.  The foreign trade balance is the most tangled web I have encountered in my entire professional career. I suspect it is that way for a reason. If your trading partner knew that they were consistently getting the short end of the deal it is unlikely that they would want to continue doing business with you. It makes sense to present the information to your partner in such a way so that they think that the are benefiting from the trade even if they are not.

Gangs loose on the Streets of Egypt while Police Vanish

Just like Hurricane Katrina and the L.A. riots, now in Egypt, when  citizens need the police the most, the Police are no where to be seen. This is not something that is unique to the Police of New Orleans, L.A., Cairo or Athens… this is a recurring pattern that highlights that police work is only a job. Most of the people who do that job will not put people whom they do not know before their own safety or the needs of their own families.

Social Security Socialism

The Social Security Socialist System is just as unconstitutional as government run health care. No where in the Constitution of the United States does it give authority to the Federal Government to run a retirement program. I believe the existence of the social security system has created a nation of people dependent on big government. The people who have some financially savvy would do far better to invest their money directly. The people who are financially ignorant are fooled into the false comfort that the “government” will take care of them in their old age. Ask any retired person and they will tell you that the payouts from social security are inadequate to live on.

Swords, Guns and Fighter Jets in relation to Liberty.





It is not coincidence that Individual Liberty and the wide spread ownership of firearms were born at the same time and in the same place… America.

The key to liberty is that the citizens be on an equal footing with government. This could not have occurred in the the period before guns, because it takes a minimum of two years of consistent training to make a semi-competent swordsman. I know because I train in swordmanship. Farmers and working people do not have to time to devote to this. The American Revolution for freedom and independence began and succeed as a result of the American Colonists being individually armed on an equal level as the  tyrants who oppressed them.

The Impossibility of Economic Utopia

People can not seem to understand why it is absolutely impossible to have an Economic Utopia. A Economic Utopia is a state where you have 100% employment and everybody makes enough money to buy everything they want. This is an absolute impossibility due to human nature.

What is Human Nature within the context of business? It is a struggle between greed and laziness. On the one hand people want to do as little work as possible… and on the other hand people  want as much luxury as possible. When the possibly of excelling above their peers is not available through the force of greed, such as in a socialist system, people will fall back to laziness and work as little as possible. As people work less and less, first luxury items will become scarce and then basic needs like food and shelter will no longer be produced. Hence Utopia is an impossibility in a Socialist system.

Bank Foreclosures

There has been a lot of discussion of Government interfering with the foreclosure process. As always, in any developed country when government tries to help one group, it necessitates hurting another group. Government interference is a zero sum gain almost all the time. It is my opinion that since government will do harm to some party regardless of what action it takes or does not take…  government should interfere as little as possible. At least in that case people can blame  each other or themselves. When government interferes, it is entirely governments fault. In the case of government interference, the harm that government will inevitably do to one group or another is funded by taxpayer money which adds to the damage.