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Tax Cut Extension

“I am glad the rich will get their tax cut extension… because I plan on becoming a billionaire, and I don’t want to be taxed unfairly in the future.”

The statement I made above is something that I think about 50% of the population does not grasp. That would be the 50% who favor raising taxes for the top 2%.  Unfortunately,  not seeing yourself as a potential billionaire  means that you will not make efforts to get above your current financial level.  It is a matter of striving to better yourself,   setting financial goals and planning a way to get there.  It has been my observation that average person who favors taxing the rich heavily does not see themselves as ever getting to that level. While the average person who is against taxing the rich heavily, can identify themselves with the rich in one way or another and see themselves as potentially getting there. This is an important difference in mindset.  In a free market economy, prosperity is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that your efforts today will lead to your prosperity in the future? Perhaps this makes you question if you are planning hard enough to get rich.  Very few will every actually attain billionaire status, but the effort to become one will comfortably get you into the millionaire club.

High Taxes Breed Tax Cheating… and Trade Deficits

Warning! The Truth is sometimes disturbing!

Let us consider the Foreign Trade Deficit. Officially the statistics show that the US economy has been falling behind in International Trade for decades.  I can assure you that companies make a profit on almost every single trade made, otherwise they would close the doors. Furthermore, it is not logical that the any Country would be able to maintain a trade imbalance for so many decades. Any thinking person would conclude that there  must be more to the trade deficit then appears on the surface.

Here is a question to ponder. Do you seriously think that the owners of any company are going to submit to the ridiculously high taxes that the US Government demands? Does anyone expect business owners who take the risk of investing capital into a business to just hand one third of their profits over to someone else who took no such risk? It is really counter intuitive. Companies have an incentive to under-report profits, hence the illusion of a trade deficit. It is my observation… that the high taxes in this country have turned ordinary businessmen and women into criminals.  This has been a very common trend throughout all of history. The higher taxes and tribute are, the more effort people will put into beating the tax system rather then being productive.

Gold Standard – Myths and Facts

Historically… gold as a currency has had all the problems of Fiat Money. Aside from the fact that it has no intrinsic value… more of it can be mined and is continually mined. The organizations mining it have an advantage and have historically manipulated the supply to their advantage. The US government at one point confiscated all the gold (a crime). It made itself the sole legal purchaser of gold in the US. That only shifted and further centralized control of gold rather then disperse it. Few people know, that when the US govt went on the Gold Standard, YOU the individual, where no longer allowed to own it. Executive Order 6102 required U.S. citizens to deliver by May 1, 1933 all their gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates to the Federal Reserve. An exception of $100 in gold coins was allowed. This does not seem fair or constitutional to me.

Gold historically has been subject to scams such as mixing it with other metals. The only system that is not corruptible is a barter system where you trade actual commodities. Problem there is that the barter system is too slow and cumbersome for anything above a “village level” economy.

How Modern Banking Works

This post is meant to be educational so that everybody knows how our monetary system works. Knowing how the system works is the first step to identifying the problems and considering solutions.

How modern Fractional Banking works:

line 1 Bank Starting Capital………………….1,200

line 2 Reserve for Bank working capital……………………………………. ..200

line 3 Private Loans……….1000…….1000……..1000…….. ..1000