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Neocon Rules for Justifying Jingoism

After reading the article here entitled “The Problem with (Ron) Paul” I felt the need to comment on it as it the writer, Anthony W Hager, used the Neocon playbook to justify America’s Imperialism Foreign Policy.

The article starts off by praising Ron Paul for his views on domestic policies but when the article turns to his views on Foreign Policy, the authors didn’t even try to hide his jingoism.

Rule 1: Lump all people from the Middle East together and label them as Terrorist;

“No-Ride List” for Trains

Much like 9/11, the official story surrounding the circumstances of Osama Bin Laden’s death do not the smell test of anyone who is remotely connected to reality. This did not, however, stop the enactment of the Patriot Act or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Much like all self serving politicians, Sen Schumer has proposed a ‘no-ride list’ for trains based on “intelligence gleaned from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound”.

It’s all for the safety of the public they tell us.

‘We’ Got Him!

I awoke this morning to the prospect of another day of mind numbing diatribes on TV analysing every possible conceivable thing about the Royal Wedding…… but today was different. I figured we must have moved on from the Royal Wedding nonsense when whatever MSN channel I was watching this morning had the background track of  ‘USA, USA, USA!’.

Apparently ‘we got him’.

So I’m wondering, if  ‘we’ have now got the ‘mastermind of 9/11′, does that mean all the rubbish the American Government has been subjecting people to all around the world since 9/11 will now stop?

“Stupid is as stupid does” I guess…..

The zealots of climate change have no shortage of stupid ways to ‘fix’ the climate ranging from cutting down trees (in order to lower CO2 emissions) to having a ‘small’ nuclear war.

“Stupid is as stupid does” I guess…..

One would think that the damage the internet has done in the past decade to the credibility of existing horizontal structures of power combined with the damaging e-mails that were leaked from East Anglia university last year, that perpetuating the nonsense that is climate change would be the last thing the ‘powers that be’ want to do.

“Stupid is as stupid does” I guess…..

Divide and Conquer

Ron Paul burst into the mainstream in 2008 with his campaign to become President.  Since then, his popularity has grown as demonstrated with winning the CPAC nomination 2 years in a row. Due to many people clinging onto the status quo due to it benefiting them, many people have come out attacking Ron Paul. For the most part, these attacks are not coherent and obfuscate issues in order to bamboozle the average American into believing Ron Paul is a dreamer and that his ideas have no place in the modern world. Every now and again though, an article is published which is coherent and is in need of rebuttal. One paricular article is by a gentleman called Rick Ungar and is entitled ‘Ron Paul Pushes Financial Crack To America’s Working Youth‘.

The Tyranny of Administrative Law

Administrative law is where a legitimate Government body (i.e Congress in the USA or the House of Commons in England) creates a government agency that has some specific function with regards to regulation. These governmental bodies have powers to enact laws and statutes without the specific approval of the governmental body that created them. Examples of such agencies are the FCC, DHS, and ATF. A complete list of Government agencies within the USA can be viewed here. Please be advised that the list is veryextensive….

The Constitution of the United States is very specific about the powers We the People loan the Federal Government. The Tenth Amendment then states that;

China Bids for US Military Contracts

According to a recent story in the WSJ;

“The maker of China’s new stealth fighter jet has teamed up with a tiny, unprofitable California company to try to launch bids for U.S. defense contracts, possibly including one to supply Chinese helicopters to replace the aging Marine One fleet used by the president, according to people involved in the partnership”