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I'm a former slave who is now trying to become a freeman

The Fragility of the Internet

The people who control the levers of power hate free speech, thus, they hate the best medium for free speech; the internet. To them, it is the black swan event they never saw coming which scuppers many of there ideological plans.

In America, Senator Jay Rockefeller has said he thinks the internet should never have been invented as it is ‘the number one security threat to America’.

In Britain, the ever loving and watchful eye of the State has tried to force the ISPs to ban all pornographic traffic. To protect the children of course….

The Free Market Triumphs Once Again

The US Government spent $685.1 billion on defence last year which makes them the world leader in defence spending. If you combine the amount of money that the next 9 countries spent on that list, the US spent more than those countries combined by well over $100 billion.  The numbers can be found here.

I don’t bring these number up to make the point about how the once shining beacon of freedom that is America has degraded into an imperialistic empire (even though that is a valid point), I bring these numbers up because of an interesting story I read on the Fox news site yesterday. Below is the short article;

What Can a Country Give You?

The famous JFK ‘ask not‘ speech given in 1961 is the source of the infamous quote “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. This is often used by neo-cons as a source of cheap patriotism so the American Empire can get a new generation of children to go and fight a war in some dust bowl for the profits of corporations. Freedoms and Democracy have nothing to do with it. What isn’t so widely quoted, is the next part of JFK’s speech;

Ireland Print’s Money… Debt Free!

The irony of the European Union is that it started off as the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) which forced six countries economies to be dependant on other members for imports.  The idea was to prevent the rise of nationalism in Europe as this was widely blamed for WWII. Now, however, the economic alliance between European countries via the Euro is causing a resurgence in nationalism! One size fits all, fits nobody after all…