Obama is a what?!

A common encounter I have had at Tea Parties and similar events has been with those who share a distaste for our current President and his policies. However, I have had with startling frequency a number of these discussions turn toward the subject of our President’s religious beliefs purporting that he is a Muslim. I have brushed off enough of these interactions to the point that it has become a common occurrence in spite of the fact that Obama has stated many times that he is a Christian and has attended Christian churches in the past.

The True Origins of Liberty

The foundations of our nation are built upon principles that exemplify individual rights and liberty. It is often stated that we are founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and morality. Such a view is used to support public policy that favors a Christian world view and such terms as “Christian nation” are used to describe the United States…but is that an accurate view of our past?

The Cost of War

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” -James Madison

Recently, Brown University released a study that reveals the economic, social, political, and human costs of our 10 years of war in the Middle East.

The military casualties include 6,051 American servicemen and women who lost their lives, 2,300 private contractors , 1,192 Allied forces , 3,250 Pakistani Security forces, and 18,678 Afghan and Iraqi security forces.

Additionally, the study made the following finding related to military casualties:

-Over 550,000 disability claims have been registered with the VA as of fall 2010

The pension crisis and the coming financial storm

If a member of the private sector who owns a business wishes to remain in business they must succeed at running a profitable venture. Without good accounting and a good profit margin they would be forced to shut down operations and in some cases file for bankruptcy. In the real world failure is very real consequence of mismanagement and non-profitability. If your product or service is needed by others another person will fill the need as the market demands.

In the private sector good business principles will determine your success or failure.

A Story about Nothing

It is not a night unlike any other. You are sitting on the couch with your wife while the kids sleep upstairs. The news has been filled with stories of violence and threats of war but it seems so far away. The government had been taking steps to control things since the economy had fallen apart but they are failing and several cities are in complete chaos. You casually turn off the TV and lean into your wife as the sound of knocking comes from the front door.

Civil Forfeiture: Tyranny In America

Imagine living in a country where your personal property can be seized by government officials without evidence of a crime. Picture yourself having to argue your innocence and provide a judge with an argument placing the burden of proof upon you and not the government. After you lose and the local D.A. justifies the seizure of your property it is sold off and the proceeds are placed into a fund. This fund is secret and by law is not open to public scrutiny. No citizen can see how the property is taken or how the money gained from the sale of seized property is spent.