Remembering 9/11

When will we hold a memorial service to honor our dead freedoms that have been laid to rest by 10 years of fear mongering rhetoric and war? At some point in time will we mourn the loss of liberty to the encroaching police state or ponder on our continuing military adventurism?

Who will light a candle for our fading constitutional republic this 9/11 as our nation spirals into crisis due to debt created from “keeping America safe”? Who will mourn the lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters who have had their lives snuffed out while military contractors make record profits and the bodies continue to pile higher?

A Coke Inspired Thought (The Beverage)

Again I have come across an advertisement that I believe relays a message that it’s creators did not intend. A few weeks back my fiance and I went to see the movie 30 Minutes or Less, one of the pre-movie ads was a Coca-Cola commercial depicting two soldiers, of different nations, defending their respective sides of a border crossing.

Video: Coca-Cola Border

I’m back! My journey through the forest…

and that has made all the differenceI took a, semi-involuntary, several month-long hiatus from Ron Paul and, more generally, a several month-long hiatus from politics in general. I went through a pretty rough breakup which shook-up the rest of my life. However, I found “myself” once again and was ready to re-enter the world of politics. When I decided to get back into the game, I followed Gary Johnson for a time, then followed Fred Karger for a time.

Obama is a what?!

A common encounter I have had at Tea Parties and similar events has been with those who share a distaste for our current President and his policies. However, I have had with startling frequency a number of these discussions turn toward the subject of our President’s religious beliefs purporting that he is a Muslim. I have brushed off enough of these interactions to the point that it has become a common occurrence in spite of the fact that Obama has stated many times that he is a Christian and has attended Christian churches in the past.

The True Origins of Liberty

The foundations of our nation are built upon principles that exemplify individual rights and liberty. It is often stated that we are founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and morality. Such a view is used to support public policy that favors a Christian world view and such terms as “Christian nation” are used to describe the United States…but is that an accurate view of our past?

Consumers and Voters: Inconsistency

It is the end result of all market activity to provide for consumption, it is also, many believe, the role of the state to serve the “people”. So we have two different social structures that generally aim towards the same goal: The satisfaction of desires. However, I often find that people, all of whom are consumers and many are voters, treat these two social structures very differently. An individual I work with made me sudden realize this during an angry tirade.  This person was very dissatisfied with a certain company after they had failed to meet this person’s expectations, and went about to make it known to the rest of us. I have known this person for some years and to a degree knew this person’s political beliefs. Like many, this person was one who would continue to vote for either the same party or person simply because he/she was probably raised that way. Let’s be honest here, politicians promise a lot and rarely deliver. That is just how it is. Of course I lay the blame on the people out there who continue to give their votes to people who do little to nothing, but this is what we have. So, why is it that people hold companies and politicians to two completely different standards?