Illegals, Liberty, and Snake Oil

A decaying piece of parchment and a multicolored piece of cloth…that is all our Constitution and flag represent if there is no one left to understand what they mean. Without a comprehension of the philosophy of liberty our founding documents are worthless pieces of paper and our flag is just an empty symbol defined by whatever despot claims it his standard. True patriotism is not the defense of a country or a flag; it is the defense of what they represent.

Laws Of Injustice

The rule of law exists to provide the individual with justice in a civil society. It is the cement that holds our civilization together and when it is corrupted that civilization crumbles into ruin.

It is to preserve our rights and our property that free individuals come together to form government and make laws. Law is the binding force of the contract we make with one another to protect our freedom. When those laws abridge the liberty of the individual and become prohibitive of acts that bear no influence upon the freedom of others those laws do not represent justice nor do they fulfill the purpose of law in free society.

No One Should Have To Pay For A Right

Its a cold January day outside the county courthouse as protesters gather to speak out against a policy enacted by their local government. As they peacefully gather a few police cars pull up and officers begin to surround them.

“Do you have a License To Speak?” one officer asks the protesters.

A few of them shout back in defiance quoting the constitution. However, lacking the proper license everyone in the crowd is charged with a crime and hauled off to prison.

What Really Symbolizes Liberty?

December 28th marked the 65th anniversary of the pledge of allegiance. Among the news stories floating around this past week is one where a school principal is forbidding students to abstain from reciting the pledge. Despite our first amendment rights many Americans probably think that anyone who refuses to recite the pledge or refrains from doing so is un-American or being subversive.

A Christmas Note

As colored light shines on the darkened spaces of your home remember this Christmas the places where that light does not shine. Remember the families and children who are not wishing for presents but for a meal and a warm place to sleep. Think on those displaced by this economy and poverty; not with the guilt or sadness of remorse but with the determination and resolve to revitalize our once prosperous nation. Whether or not you share the Christian faith the symbol of the Christ child is hope…hope for the future. The spirit of Christmas is that hope which people of all beliefs can share. It is the belief that no matter how dark things may seem there is always a reason to persevere. As long as there is breath in the lungs of those of us who uphold the standard of liberty there will always be hope for this nation. So let us combine our hope with resolve as we spend time with those we love most this holiday and persevere to make this world a better place.

In Response to All the Hate…

I’ve been browsing around the web and facebook reading comments by people about the vote to end don’t ask, don’t tell, as well as some of the letters to the editor in various papers. I must say that I am disappointed in some people…I see some horrific and downright hateful things being written and said.

What people need to understand is that its not about being politically correct its about respecting the constitutional rights of all citizens. I have stated my position as don’t ask, don’t care. No one is asking for a sexual preference check box when you sign up for service just the right to not be thrown out if someone discovers your sexual preference. Its not about gays rights trumping others its about others rights trumping theirs. The constitution is not there to protect what is popular, rather what is unpopular. It is not an infringement on anyone to allow others the same respect you demand but it is an infringement and an act of force to deny them the same rights you have based on subjective standards and personal bias. Gays aren’t asking for you to be ok with them being gay…although that would be nice; they are asking that you put aside your personal bias and let them serve their country without fear of being outed. You are free to be who you are and all they are asking for is the same thing.

Of Children, Liberty, and the Right to Bear Arms

I wrote this a few months ago and thought I would share it here…

Tonight as I put my girls to bed and they laid their heads down and went to sleep I was struck by a thought that pierced me so deeply I felt the need to put it into words. Often in the realm of political struggle and legal battles to preserve our liberties we discuss philosophy and principle and we offer platitudes suited to further our cause, but in the midst of all our quotations of law, founding fathers, and men of reason we cannot lose sight of what gave men pause to discover the nature of man’s rights and the cause which made men run into battle in the name of this notion we call individual liberty. I think, tonight, I saw more clearly than ever the tangible motive that provoked men to challenge kings and tyrants from the times of ancient Egypt to colonial America. It was not wealth or power these men sought; although they did wish to prosper…it was something far simpler and yet something not considered principle in the argument for freedom by many politicians and scholars.