China’s Apparent Economic Success

According to the International Monetary Fund China’s economy will surpass the economy of the United states by 2016.

This reminds me of the Depression era of the 1930’s when the communist economy of  the Soviet Union seemed to have escaped the economic depression that was gripping the Free World. Communists around the world rallied around this and many people in America, and around the world, questioned the cost/benefit of Capitalism.  What was not know at the time was that there was a famine in the Soviet Union and that Stalin had caused the death,  both directly and indirectly, of some 20 million people… which of course lowered the food supply needs. One can also look to the institute of slavery and serfdom as being highly beneficial throughout history for the part of the population that were not slaves.

SONY’s PSN outage teaches us many things…

If you have owned or still own a PlayStation 3 console or know someone who does, you are probably aware of the PSN (PlayStation Network.) It’s the network that you are required to log-in to in order to do practically anything online using the PlayStation 3 console. This includes on-line multiplayer gaming, checking PlayStation Home, and completing the mandatory game and console software updates. For those of you who are unfamiliar with thePlayStation Network PlayStation 3, you are required to download and install console software updates and, upon purchasing a video game, you are required to download and install an update for each individual game. Failure to do this will result in your inability to use any of the PS3 features that require an internet connection (which is numerous.)

Money, and Why Government Shouldn’t Touch It

It is arguable that the most powerful tool the government possesses is the issuance and monopoly over money. Government can maintain control over arms, mail services, defense, courts, and education, yet the most effective way to keep hegemony over a people is to control their money. The issuance of bills, the “deeming” of the money’s worth, the control and manipulation of interest rates and credit, etc. This is how the state can truly maintain a grasp over everything. Money is the core of exchanges, you control those exchanges and you can control how people live their lives. But what is money exactly anyway? What value does money have?  Why would the world’s governments want to control it? What are the effects of government control of money? What forms of control does the government have? I’ll try to answer these question using the knowledge I have gained over the past few years of private study, and  hopefully shed some light on what is otherwise a confusing, although important, topic.

“Stupid is as stupid does” I guess…..

The zealots of climate change have no shortage of stupid ways to ‘fix’ the climate ranging from cutting down trees (in order to lower CO2 emissions) to having a ‘small’ nuclear war.

“Stupid is as stupid does” I guess…..

One would think that the damage the internet has done in the past decade to the credibility of existing horizontal structures of power combined with the damaging e-mails that were leaked from East Anglia university last year, that perpetuating the nonsense that is climate change would be the last thing the ‘powers that be’ want to do.

“Stupid is as stupid does” I guess…..

Divide and Conquer

Ron Paul burst into the mainstream in 2008 with his campaign to become President.  Since then, his popularity has grown as demonstrated with winning the CPAC nomination 2 years in a row. Due to many people clinging onto the status quo due to it benefiting them, many people have come out attacking Ron Paul. For the most part, these attacks are not coherent and obfuscate issues in order to bamboozle the average American into believing Ron Paul is a dreamer and that his ideas have no place in the modern world. Every now and again though, an article is published which is coherent and is in need of rebuttal. One paricular article is by a gentleman called Rick Ungar and is entitled ‘Ron Paul Pushes Financial Crack To America’s Working Youth‘.

Fed Chairman Bernanke thinks American Businessmen are Stupid

Bernanke testified before Congress last week that Inflation remains “quite low”. He explained his measure of  “core” inflation which excludes food and energy prices. I do not think  Bernanke understands that Americans do not have the option of  “choosing” not to eat, heat their homes or drive to work. The fact is that the Federal Reserve has been “cherry picking” the statistics to produce the results they want to see for a very long time. Of course the Federal Reserve always has the support of the both the president and the congress in this deception of the American people, since it is in the interest of the politicians to sweep inflation under the rug and pretend that it does not exist.

China Bids for US Military Contracts

According to a recent story in the WSJ;

“The maker of China’s new stealth fighter jet has teamed up with a tiny, unprofitable California company to try to launch bids for U.S. defense contracts, possibly including one to supply Chinese helicopters to replace the aging Marine One fleet used by the president, according to people involved in the partnership”