Copblocking with Kelly Voluntaryist

When Kelly Voluntaryist and I (after having found myself suddenly working as her newly-employed assistant and videographer) decided to embark on a semi-spontaneous road trip to tour our new home “state” of New Hampshire in a truck with a missing headlight and a tail light that was out of commission, we were (of course) expecting some sort of encounter with at least one officer of law enforcement. Being from the veritable police state of New Jersey myself (and Kelly from the equally third reich-esque Arizona), there is inevitably, unfortunate though it may be, some degree of reasonable paranoia invoked by the practice of traveling in a vehicle that serves as such a bulls-eyed target for agents of oppressive bureaucracies. So naturally, the two of us expected to receive some degree of harassment and initiated aggression by men in badges who were surely to be armed to the teeth with an arsenal of various instruments for the implementation of state-sanctioned violence. In the seemingly mundane reality of the oppressive nanny colony known as the twenty-first century U.S.A., these men are more commonly referred by the average citizens as “police officers”. We, however, prefer to call them what they really are: members of an oppressive gang of a monopolizing and uniformed circuit of organized crime.

The United States: Obscuring the True Nature and Scope of Terrorism?

The passages quoted below are from 22 U.S.C. section 2656f(d) and 18 U.S.C. section 2331(1). This author has made no changes or alterations to the original texts as posted on the two source websites.

For those of us playing the home game, these are the legal defintions of terrorism as written by the members of the United States government. It’s a lot to read, isn’t it? Spooky language. Spooky language!

Purpose of Drug War : Provide Employment for Cops

It took me a while to come to see things in their true light with regard to the Drug War. For too long I believed what I was told by the popular media.  We have come to accept that most Illegal Drug activity is financially motivated…. what we fail to grasp is… so is  Law Enforcement activity.  Dependency on a “Police State” for protection from ourselves is no worse then being addicted to drugs. The drugs, the drug addicts and even drug violence is not a threat to our liberty… the existence of  a “Police State” is a threat to liberty.

Political ramblings of a heathen

While out and about today I was listening to NPR and they were interviewing people, asking their opinions on the Republican candidates for president. One of the men being interviewed said that he could not vote for Mitt Romney because he didn’t follow the Nicene Creed. A woman that followed him said that she wants a Christian in office. Both seemed to express that a person of faith was a prerequisite to earning their votes.

I wish I could say this attitude surprised me, but it is all too common and as I listened to this painful drivel a few thoughts struck me.

Just say NO!

Reading the news lately, I have noticed quite a few stories about drug related arrests and the heroin “epidemic” that is plaguing our community and many others around the country. After 40 years and well over a trillion dollars you might think that America would have curbed its drug problem; but its worse now than it ever has been and its not getting any better.

At some point we have to stop and ask the question that begs an answer: Is our current drug policy working?

Well, the immediate answer to that question should be an obvious and resounding, NO.

Private property rights under assault in America

I’d like to tell you a story about a man named Russ Caswell, who’s family has owned and operated a motel in Tewksbury, Massachusetts for over 30 years.

After two generation of being family owned and operated this local business is threatened with closing its doors forever.

Now you might think that its because of hard times or economic troubles, but you would be wrong. You might also assume that he refused to pay his property taxes, and you would still be wrong. Mr. and Mrs. Caswell own their property free and clear.