Debt Ceiling Hocus-Pocus Illusions

Raising the debt ceiling means printing more money (electronically).  After the debt ceiling is raised the Department of  Treasury will print up some new government notes, bonds and bills and sell them to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve will then create  some new money and give it to the US Treasury. All this does is dilute the existing currency and weaken the value of the dollar. Businessmen  pay close attention to the actions of the government in regard to creating new money. The second the debt ceiling is raised, they raise prices to compensate for the diluted currency. Raising the debt ceiling will accomplish nothing in the long term except put government deeper into a debt they can not pay back.

Consumers and Voters: Inconsistency

It is the end result of all market activity to provide for consumption, it is also, many believe, the role of the state to serve the “people”. So we have two different social structures that generally aim towards the same goal: The satisfaction of desires. However, I often find that people, all of whom are consumers and many are voters, treat these two social structures very differently. An individual I work with made me sudden realize this during an angry tirade.  This person was very dissatisfied with a certain company after they had failed to meet this person’s expectations, and went about to make it known to the rest of us. I have known this person for some years and to a degree knew this person’s political beliefs. Like many, this person was one who would continue to vote for either the same party or person simply because he/she was probably raised that way. Let’s be honest here, politicians promise a lot and rarely deliver. That is just how it is. Of course I lay the blame on the people out there who continue to give their votes to people who do little to nothing, but this is what we have. So, why is it that people hold companies and politicians to two completely different standards?

Civil Forfeiture: Tyranny In America

Imagine living in a country where your personal property can be seized by government officials without evidence of a crime. Picture yourself having to argue your innocence and provide a judge with an argument placing the burden of proof upon you and not the government. After you lose and the local D.A. justifies the seizure of your property it is sold off and the proceeds are placed into a fund. This fund is secret and by law is not open to public scrutiny. No citizen can see how the property is taken or how the money gained from the sale of seized property is spent.

Firearm freedom starts with firearm education

There is no disputing the facts that firearm freedom comes from firearm education and that the perils of lost liberties are the direct cause of failing to educate on the present subject being discussed.  After all, politicians are elected by the people in their state, their district, or in their locality.  So,  educating the populace about guns and the right to keep and bear arms will lead to greater freedom in the long run, but it won’t be easy and we must recognize that we may fall short in the short term until we reach out and appeal to the hearts, minds, and ideals of the community at large.

The Case for Open Carry

Several months ago, a fellow gun rights activist, Mark Fiorino was arrested in the City of Philadelphia for openly carrying a firearm. He was breaking no law and possessed a valid License to Carry Firearms. He was stopped at gunpoint by a police officer and threatened with deadly force. After a profanity laced tirade by the arresting officer and several of his companions Mark was held for 45 minutes and then released when it was realized he was committing no crime.

Is an Anarchist a Libertarian?

One of the most common battles I face as a Libertarian is the automatic assumption that I am an anarchist. Many times this distracts from an issue that I am trying to discuss because I must defend my own philosophical position and clarify it for others. This takes the wind out of the sails for many Libertarians trying to make legitimate inroads to our political system by constantly being associated with the philosophy of Anarchism.

SONY’s PSN outage teaches us many things…

If you have owned or still own a PlayStation 3 console or know someone who does, you are probably aware of the PSN (PlayStation Network.) It’s the network that you are required to log-in to in order to do practically anything online using the PlayStation 3 console. This includes on-line multiplayer gaming, checking PlayStation Home, and completing the mandatory game and console software updates. For those of you who are unfamiliar with thePlayStation Network PlayStation 3, you are required to download and install console software updates and, upon purchasing a video game, you are required to download and install an update for each individual game. Failure to do this will result in your inability to use any of the PS3 features that require an internet connection (which is numerous.)