A Simple Task

Somewhere in the muggy heat of night out in the jungle a strange animal calls out. A young man slaps at a mosquito on his neck and adjusts the rifle on his shoulder. As he sits on watch staring out at the empty darkness his thoughts drift to home and his wife and small son. A smile comes to his face; a glimmer of comfort in the hell he now finds himself in. A pop of gunfire stirs the air and all around the night lights up with the red glow of flares and muzzle flashes. The young man stands up to yell for his squad and before the words reach his mouth a single bullet pierces his throat and he slumps down on the ground gasping for air clutching at the sky as if reaching for something that is not there. The horror and realization of his demise writes itself upon his now lifeless face as mortar fire tears whats is left of his body to pieces…

Its Monday night. A man grabs a 12 pack from the cooler at the local six pack shop and drives over to a friend’s house to catch the game. They drink and cheer on their team and quote stat after stat and make comments on the bad calls and missed passes. Afterward they slap each other on the back and head home. The next morning seems unimportant. A little hung over and groggy the man heads off to work. After a long day he grabs a beer from the fridge when he gets home and sits down on the couch. When the TV comes on he sees a news man talking about election results and promptly flips the channel. Several months later at work he is notified that his employer is dropping his health insurance due to the new legislation that has passed in Congress. He gets angry and bitches about politicians and never thinks about that Tuesday a few months back when he flipped the channel.

There isn’t much that is required of us to make a difference in our country and preserve liberty. Most of us will never have to face the horror of war or pay the ultimate price to preserve the freedom we cherish. The only act that we are called on to do as responsible citizens is take a few hours out of one day every year to pull a lever, push a button, or poke holes in a piece of paper. You don’t have to worry about a bomb going off outside the polling place or roaming gangs of thugs killing members of one party or another. All you have to do is get off your ass and walk or drive to a polling place and vote.

As easy as this task seems, 50% of the people in this country do not bother to vote in a presidential election and even fewer vote in off year or local and state elections. Discontent in this country is at an all time high. Approval of Congress sits at a staggering 11% and yet more than half of us will likely sit at home or find some other activity rather than spending the small amount of time it takes to make a difference and send a message to those in power.

Our freedom isn’t free. It is paid for in blood; precious blood of fathers, brothers, sons, and daughters….When so many have given so much for you; can you really justify avoiding a simple act that would honor their sacrifice?

With a heartfelt plea I ask anyone reading this to please take the time to read up on the candidates that will be on your ballot this November. Pay attention to what is going on in your local communities and vote for those that will honor the legacy of liberty that has given us the freest country in the history of this world with the hope that it remains that way for future generations.

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