I have become a sojourner in my own land. The flag to which I once swore allegiance now flies its colors for those who seek to enslave their fellow man. The soldiers that once fought to protect our freedom now fight perpetual wars to distract the populace while our liberties are stolen in the name of keeping us safe. Our politicians have ceased to represent us and have become middle management in a corporate driven oligarchy.

The Republic has fallen…what we see now are echoes of what once was. The people clamor for salvation and hope, while they cling to the shattered remnants of their ill-spent inheritance. We are like ghosts occupying the ruins of a once great civilization wandering aimlessly, blindly acting out our routines as if nothing had happened and destruction had not come.

Liberty and freedom have become cliches that mean nothing and change with the wind of public opinion or the whim of those in power. Everything is decided by polls while talking heads tell us what and how to think. The entire political process has been degraded to a reality television show. It has become a place where men like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would be unwelcome participants and casually cast aside for a more socially palatable candidate.

We now live in a state of such degradation that all one must do to be considered a radical threat is quote the men who founded this nation. To espouse the ideas and the philosophy of liberty that birthed freedom in this land is to make one’s self a social pariah. To question the actions of our military and challenge the legitimacy of actions that clearly violate principles of liberty is considered unpatriotic.

Our motto of liberty and justice for all has become apathy and indifference for most. The eternal vigilance required to preserve our liberty has become an entranced slumber fueled by the comforts others paid the price to provide. We seek to satisfy our lust for decadence by utilizing slave labor in other nations. A neighbor is no longer our fellow citizen but a financial well to be tapped in order to fund social programs and public welfare. Civil government has become a weapon wielded against one another to rob and plunder rather than to preserve and protect our rights and property. If this is what we have become then it is with a heavy heart and tear filled eyes that I must declare myself anti-American.

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  1. Andrew Shemo says:

    Brilliant article, Tim. keep spreading around your passionate thoughts for many Americans to view and try to understand.

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