Those Evil Potheads

It is a late summer evening at the Washington estate on Mt. Vernon. Martha sits quietly across the room as George lights a match and lifts it to a pipe he has rested in the side of his mouth. Out of nowhere, a crashing sound is heard from the front entrance as armed militia enter the room and surround them with weapons aimed. George is then forced to his knees and thrown to the ground as his wife is restrained.

This is not how you would expect a President of the United States to be treated but like many of our founding fathers Mr. Washington was guilty of one of the gravest crimes one can commit in modern American society…he was a pot farmer. In fact, cannabis was a major crop in many parts of the colonies in that time.

These days it has become the excuse for police nationwide to raid homes, arrest non-violent individuals, invade foreign countries, and use up our hard earned tax money to fund all kinds of police brutality. After over 40 years since Nixon first coined the phrase “war on drugs” has anything changed?

What makes no sense at all is the fact we have seen in the past that prohibition does not work which is why the 18th amendment banning alcohol was repealed. Yet here we are arresting sick people who use a medicinal herb for pain relief and throwing them in jail along with those who provide them with the product. In addition,our 4th and 5th amendments have been butchered and trampled; all in the name of stopping a menace created by the very act of making this and other natural drugs illegal.

For almost 200 years marijuana was legal and there was no outcry so why did we decide to ban it?

A movement in the 1930’s which resulted in the ban was led by a man named Harry J. Anslinger who misled the public with anti marijuana propaganda and ridiculous claims with no basis in fact. With some members of the media acting as willing accomplices he spread fear through the population stating that marijuana could turn normal people into crazed murderers.

Another man, William Randolph Hurst, who owned a large amount of newspapers and a large portion of the paper mill industry, joined in the anti marijuana campaign and became instrumental in the effort to pass the ban. His motivation was that some had begun to use hemp to make a cheaper and better paper which was a threat to his business empire. So utilizing a campaign of fear and racism he lobbied with Anslinger to ban marijuana and was successful. The very root of all this was greed and power.

I myself do not smoke marijuana but I can plainly see the harm the war on drugs like marijuana is doing to this country. I recently watched a video on youtube of a man who had a few grams of pot and had SWAT execute a search warrant on his home in the middle of the night killing his two dogs and terrorizing his wife and children. Ask yourself if this the America our forefathers envisioned; if this is the kind of country you want to live in. You may think marijuana is bad and you may think it is unhealthy but if you allow the government to come into someone’s home with assault rifles just because they wanted to get high when it poses no threat to anyone… what is to say that someone won’t find something you are doing that is harmful or unhealthy and decide to legislate you into a criminal?

Don’t think its possible? Weren’t they just trying to ban salt in New York City?

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