‘We’ Got Him!

I awoke this morning to the prospect of another day of mind numbing diatribes on TV analysing every possible conceivable thing about the Royal Wedding…… but today was different. I figured we must have moved on from the Royal Wedding nonsense when whatever MSN channel I was watching this morning had the background track of  ‘USA, USA, USA!’.

Apparently ‘we got him’.

So I’m wondering, if  ‘we’ have now got the ‘mastermind of 9/11′, does that mean all the rubbish the American Government has been subjecting people to all around the world since 9/11 will now stop?

Will the patriot act be repealed? Will the Department of Homeland Security be disbanded? Will ‘we’ pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Will ‘we’ stop bombing Libya and Pakistan? Will the the Government stop encroaching on every single little aspect of American’s lives? Will I still have to take my shoes off  before boarding an airplane?

Needless to say, I know the answer to these questions. No doubt there is some apparatchik somewhere constructing a statement to place on a teleprompter for the puppet in chief to explain to us mere underlings how we have to still continue the war on terror because of blah, blah, blah.

I wont even bother going into how convenient it was Osama was ‘buried at sea’ or that the puppet in chief’s ratings were tanking as not enough people were buying the Libyan war nonsense either….

Sadly, the ‘terrorist threat’ will never go away as whilst there is an evil ‘booga booga’ man somewhere out there who wants to hurts Americans, the American Government will be more than happy to restrict our freedoms in order to ‘keep us safe’.

The sad part is that most Americans are okay with this.

Reprinted from breakmyconditioning.com


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