Crazies with Guns

Gun-Crazy-1949-Cd-Cover-37413There has been a lot of talk about preventing gun violence and finding ways stop “crazy people” from getting guns and shooting up theaters, malls, schools and churches. The problem with this is that none of the people who have committed mass murders are really crazy. A “crazy” person is a person who does not know what they are doing and does not understand the consequences of their actions. An example of a truly crazy person would be someone who is continually stabbing themselves with a pencil and not comprehending  that this action is harming them. The people who commit mass-murders go to great lengths to plan and execute their actions. They are fully aware of what results their action will yield.  These are people who are fully capable of hiding their intentions and blending into society. A mental check would fail to diagnose them as insane because they are not.

There is an effort now to ban troubled people, such as some War Veterans, from owning firearms. War Veterans are people who have earned the right more then any other to enjoy liberty and the Rights protected by the Bill of Rights. If a person is troubled and distressed, it does not automatically mean that want to commit mass-murder. Most people will go through difficult phases in their life and not commit mass-violence.

The question then is, how to identify and stop “Crazies with Guns” from shooting up malls, theaters, churches and  schools. The short answer is We Can Not. The best you can do is minimize the damage by hoping other citizens around them are armed and ready to stop their violence. Guns is not the problem here, because people determined to commit acts of mass-violence will always find a way to cause mass-pain. Just think how much harm they can do by driving a car down a busy sidewalk full of pedestrians.

It has been argued that the problem is not guns, but people. The question then becomes… why do people do such things. The answer is simple… Because people are inherently violent… but do posses the ability to control that violence.  We are the product of millions of years of evolution. Our capacity for violence is the reason why humans have become the dominant species on earth… we are the most violent. We often forget this because 99.9 % of us choose to control our natural tendencies for violence. We have to start looking at these so called “crazy people” as people who make conscious decision not to control their natural inner violence.

Gun control, background checks and mental health checks can not possibly work specifically because these are Not Crazy People and have not been convicted of prior crimes. Mass murders are performed by fully sane people who have the intelligence to circumvent any legislative and security measures designed to prevent them from doing what they want to do, which is Be Violent. We can only hope that an armed citizen is able and willing to stop these so called “crazies with guns” the next time one of them strikes.

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