The Birth of Democracy

First, we must accept that that the purpose of the Second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights is so people can protect themselves from a potentially hostile future government. There is nothing else that guarantees the continuation of the Republic. People need to be well armed so that Government forces will respect and fear them.

Second, we must accept that millions of Americans are already armed with the sort of firearms that some would wish to ban. You can not disarm American Citizens without a fight to the death (AKA: Civil War). Banning any types of firearms going forward would only stop a minority of Americans from owning them. By doing so… you are creating a two class society, one armed and one unarmed. Medieval Society was divided up in a similar way. The Nobles being armed and the peasants being unarmed. Guess who ruled who?

In any Society, armed people will always rule unarmed people. In colonial America, all free  men were armed, and this is the reason why we became a Republic. No one faction was able to gain an advantage over another faction… because everyone was armed. Hence everyone armed was equal. That is the birth of Democracy in America.

The continuation of a Democracy hinges on the expansion of  the greatest number of people being equally armed.

Likewise… the return to a class society would depend on the disarmament of society and the return to the medieval model of a Ruling Class and a Working class.  Given enough time  those Armed, will eventually Enslave those who are not armed.

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2 Responses to The Birth of Democracy

  1. Roger E. says:

    Most have already been enslaved, if you think that you are not, try not paying your property taxes and see how long it takes you to be dislocated. Ask that your wages not be taxed and see how long before they remove you from the workforce. Speak out and see how long it takes before they try you for a pretend offense and imprison you. Enslavement is a done deal, the fact that you do not recognize it is the true power of modern enslavement.

    Honestly all things being equal I know of no common man that can afford a tank, the balance of enslavement shifted during the civil war from the enslavement of a few, to the enslavement of us all. Seriously 1 million armed citizens can do nothing if the powers that be decide to drop an A bomb from 35,000 ft. and just like the current state of enslavement you will never see it coming. By the time you hear the jet the bomb will have already landed leaving the vast majority oblivious to what has actually happened.

    You have the right to remain silent, anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you in a court of law. Silence is exactly what the majority of our population is offering as a response to those that keep us enslaved. The Patriot Act was nothing more than the icing on the cake.

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