The misnomer of public health and safety

Most people today assume that their government is there to protect them and keep them safe. They also imagine that police are there to do what their motto states, “To Protect and to Serve”. It gives many comfort to think our public officials are watching over us and keeping us safe and providing for the safety of the public.

In reality those ideas couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There has been case after case in which it is clearly set forth that government has no constitutional duty to protect anyone. The most notable of these is Warren v. The District of Columbia where three women were brutally raped over an extended period of time even after police had been called to the scene. The court found that despite the ineptitude of the police and the 911 operator there was no liability to the government, its officials, or the police for not providing adequate protection.

When our officials are sworn into office they swear to uphold the law and our constitution. They do not swear an oath to be your personal bodyguard or guarantee your health and well being. It is only their duty to provide you justice under the law when your rights are violated by others and ensure that your rights are protected.

The very purpose of legislation and law under the guidelines of our constitution is to ensure justice and liberty not to provide for the safety and health of the people. A law may be put forth to ensure that your rights are protected and that no one may take actions that harm you or your environment but there is no liability upon our government or its representatives when someone violates those laws and does you harm. Governments, federal, state, and local only have the authority to punish, not to prevent, and in reality they cannot prevent bad things from happening to you or anyone else and to elude that they can is disingenuous.

If a government does take upon itself the duty of protection to which it has no legal obligation or reasonable expectation to provide it grants itself a power to infringe upon liberty for the stated purpose of a goal it cannot fulfill. This is why Benjamin Franklin said that those who sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither.

You and I are the arbiters of our own destiny. Our lives are our own and they belong to us to protect and preserve. Governments and their officials are not there to provide us with safety they exist to to maintain the rule of law and mete out justice when a right or law is violated.

To perpetuate the liberty of the people the duty of our elected and public officials must be restricted to the bounds of their constitutional obligations.

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2 Responses to The misnomer of public health and safety

  1. Bill Tsafa says:

    The main goal of government is to sustain itself and grow.

  2. Bill Tsafa says:

    The truth is that in most cases Government not only does not help us… but it hurts us. Take for example the situation where local government hire more cops. Instead of using those cops to fight real crime, they send them out to write tickets so that they can raise more money to pay for their increasingly over-bloated budgets. They don’t go after criminals… they go after good citizens and ticket us to death because it is more profitable. The main goal of government is to sustain and grow itself.

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