The Next Civil War?

A spectre is haunting America – the spectre of Statism.

Indeed, Communism is here in America and has been for quite some time. From the establishment of the cartel known as The Federal Reserve in 1913 to the creation of the terrorist organization known as the Department of Homeland Security, central planning and the philosophy of Communism has become a staple of American politics.

Sure, every now and then we have a few dissenting voices in our elected ranks. But, generally, a large portion of the government establishment continues to stray Communist. Much to the chagrin of Patriots, this has gone largely unabated. This was, however, until the emergence of the Tea Party. No, I am not talking about SarahPAC or the swaths of RINO’s at town-hall meetings or even the well-meaning “Patriots” who inadvertently support Neoconservatives. I’m talking about the true Tea Party.

Although the Tea Party has become fractured (I’ll forego the stale tea bag metaphor), it showed us that the tide may be changing. We may very well be seeing the awakening of America. We see states enacting various incarnations of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and a growing moan from The People against the pressure the Federal government is placing on us.

But, will it be enough? Will we be able to generate a large enough current to steer this ship true, yet again?

Consider the growing rift between the Patriots and those who support The State. Consider something as mundane as the comments on a news article or as meaningful as public comment during a forum. Bring up the economy during a discussion and almost everyone in the room will be on the same page. “The economy is in bad shape.” Discuss the possible reasons and you’ll probably lose a few people. Then talk about the solution. Well, if you’re like me, you just lost the whole room.

This brings us to the title; The Next Civil War?

Now, a lot of people would think such an idea is rather premature, and I tend to agree. However, what I think should be brought into question is; are we making our own Civil War as we speak? That is, are we starting to add the ingredients one-by-one, completely unaware that we are cooking the Second American Revolution only as an appetizer to the main course of Civil War?

If you look at it, we already have the growing social separation. I’m not talking racism, class separation, or even religious ideological barriers. We are starting to see striation in society with regards to The State vs. state sovereignty argument. This chasm spans all ages, races, creeds, lifestyles, political affiliations, and religious denominations. Those who support a strong central government are becoming just as vocal as us Sovereigns. The rhetoric is becoming more virulent between us as well.

And if we’re talking about the government, the verdict is in; they ARE pushing us towards a Civil War. I don’t need to justify that position. However, it isn’t simply a matter of illegal legislation or an illegitimate State (or more specifically a criminal cartel.) You must also have society at odds with itself as well. We see this on a smaller scale with my aforementioned social rift example.

We have a large portion of society on board with the fact that “something” is just plain wrong. What we don’t have is a large enough consensus on what is wrong. We have even less conformity in how exactly to fix it.

So, does this mean that the economic collapse will bring on the 2nd American Revolution? I really think there is an opportunity to revitalize the estate left by our Founding Fathers and I do think that economic collapse will help grease the wheels.  What then? After this 2nd American Revolution, when we ousted the banksters, reduced the size of DC by over 90%, and placed the states as sovereigns, what is to become of the country?

I think we will see extensive anger directed at us by the Statists. They will see the fall of central government and the fall of their long-held, state-run school mantra “Government always does what’s best for you.” I think they will be so angry that they may insight violence against their neighbors.

“Now that’s crazy talk.”

Well, let us look at this for a moment. What is Statism? It is the support of a violent coercive monopoly. They already have the capacity and will to support tyranny. In fact, many blatantly prove they’re traitors. I’ve heard it from some of my fellow peers “I believe in a strong Federal Government that has control over the states.” That is a word-for-word quote from a lawyer educated in Constitutional Law. (Yeah, I know. Someone must have missed an awful lot of class to hold such a belief.) But, such sentiment isn’t only expressed by the erudite. We see support of despotism-in-disguise by a large portion of the American people as well.

So, you have people who encourage the government to rob us (at gun point if we don’t pay up eventually), pretend to police the world and dictate domestic policy abroad (play benevolent dictator), and to rape the Constitution by ignoring the 10th Amendment all together. These people openly support tyrannical regimes not only at home by voting and supporting Statist candidates, buy they support despots abroad by encouraging robbery of their fellow neighbors (and themselves) to pay foreign aid.

With this being true, is it really such a stretch to think about what would happen when they no longer get their way?

Are you still skeptical?

Consider this, when the Wisconsin legislature even considered cutting the budget in ways that would affect unions, we saw a massive gathering of public-sector employees. They came armed with signs depicting toothbrush moustaches (Hitler’s moustache) on the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker as well as crosshairs over his face. Also, consider the fact that there were cops protesting as well because the budget bill would affect their union. This, above all, should serve as a warning.

My point is this: we clearly are a nation divided. There is no sugar-coating that, no use playing the hippy-card “can’t we all just get along?” We need to realize that, in the coming days ahead, we can’t simply trust our neighbors so blindly just because we were born in the same country.

Does this mean we should start wars in our neighborhoods? NO. Does this mean we should close-up shop and isolate ourselves in our homes? NO.

What this means is that we need to be academically honest to ourselves and realize we have enemies in more places than just the government. Our fellow citizens support state-sponsored terror, robbery, and murder. They support the bully-rule perpetuated by The State. They openly support this, and what happened in Wisconsin should serve as a clear example of what will happen once these people stop getting their way across the nation.

What’s the remedy? Well, there’s not much we can do (peacefully) when the police protest against us. However, we can still try to open eyes. Like that scene from They Live, it may take a little [mental] fighting and wrestling, but we can eventually throw the Ray-bans in front of their eyes and hope they accept what they see.

About Andrew Weit

I voted for Obama in 2008 and realize what a big mistake I made. I am now working to change this mistake and join the pro-Liberty tide that is the Ron Paul 2012 movement.
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3 Responses to The Next Civil War?

  1. Andrew Shemo says:


    great article! Let us not forget that almost every empire or nation that has some sort of Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Nazism, Statism, Fascism, or whatever they want to consider their power to be, always falls because of economical reasons. While it might seem like a noble idea to have absolute power, it won’t and never does work. Hopefully Americans realize this because we’re seriously headed in the direction of full-blown socialism and we already have 1 of the key constructs to allow that type of rule; the central bank!

  2. Vernon Etzel says:

    I am always critical of any calls for a “2nd American Revolution”. That battle was already fought in 1861, and you’d be surprised how many take the revisionist side of the Confederacy.

    A tyranny by a state is no different than a tyranny by a nation. We have neither at this point. Sure, our legislatures are ALL owned by wall street lobbyists (and a few unions), and our debt-money system is impoverishing our society.

    But take a CLOSE LOOK at the money behind the Tea Party and the conservative think tanks that fuel this fire: CATO, the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works… all financed by big, big money from… you know where.

    Learn the word “plutocracy” and decide if that’s what you really want. The role of government is to protect our equal rights to life and liberty… and to do it well.

    The federal reserve bank is a private corporation and is the largest holder of our national debt (1.6 trillion last I heard). There is no reason for this. The US should be able to issue its own currency, debt-free.

    And a note to the gold bugs: “Fiat” simply means legal tender. If you promote gold standard, then you are promoting a gold-fiat system, a system where the only way to pay your taxes is with gold. That’s what the Stamp Act of 1764 did to the colonies, wrecking their economy and driving them to revolution.

    Debt-free currency and the end of fractional reserve lending is the core issue of our society. Poke THAT bear with a stick and see if he doesn’t get up and fight.

  3. Jim says:

    We have always been 2 countries. Let’s not have another Civil War. Bring back the Mason Dixon Line. You go your way, I’ll go mine, and good luck to you brother.

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