The fallacy of capitalism causes ‘evil’ companies

Let me start with definition of a company in the context I mean;

From merriam-webster;

3b : an association of persons for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise

To this end, a two man plumbing team or a huge multi-national corporation such as coca-cola can be defined as companies.

In today’s world, companies such as Goldman Sachs or Monsanto are considered ‘evil’.  But why?  What makes them ‘evil’?

It is true that capitalism causes the desire for increased profits, and in the case of the two companies I mentioned, this comes at the expense of people’s personal liberty.  The former being that they made public their losses (thus the fact that the taxpayers have to bail them out) and the latter being the intense debate over the safety of GMO foods (which have infected our food chain so badly, it is nigh on impossible not to eat them).

But blaming capitalism for this gross infringement of personal liberty is only half the story.  How did Goldman Sachs transfer there losses to the tax payer?  How did Monsanto get there potentially unsafe GMO foods into the market place?  The short answer is government.  If it wasn’t for the government, Goldman Sachs and Monsanto couldn’t have infringed on our liberty.

Due to the the immoral and corrupt practices of lobbying, members of Congress can be bribed lobbied into changing the law to favour these companies.  Without these laws, these large companies could not do have done what they did.

To this end, it is a more accurate description to state fascism (the merger of state and corporate power) is the cause of ‘evil’ companies.

Next time you think a company is ‘evil’ due to capitalism, take a little time to see who they bribed lobbied and more specifically, what changes to the law were made as a result of this bribery lobbying.  You may be surprised to learn that members of Congress are just as culpable for infringing on your liberty as CEOs of major companies.

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4 Responses to The fallacy of capitalism causes ‘evil’ companies

  1. Andrew says:

    Though in the case of Monsanto, the government should not be involved in determining if GMO foods can be marketed or not. In that case the foods would likely still be as pervasive in the market as they are now, but you would also see more locally produced organic products as well as raw milks and cheeses and such.

  2. Dan Gillings says:

    You are right, the Government should not be involved in determining what we choose to ingest. I should have used the example that Monsanto uses government to give more subsidies to farmers who use GM corn (as opposed to non GM corn).

  3. Andrew Shemo says:

    it’s sad when you can’t even really be self-reliant anymore..there’s always a regulation that’ll get in the way of being free and prosperous.

  4. Andrew Dymond says:

    Now that I see what you are saying in reference to Monsanto, I’m in total agreement. The company is using governmental force through lobbying and regulation to influence the market.

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