Armed revolution in America today

This article was sent into us via our contact form by Anonymous.

Many people dismiss the idea it is at all possible for the US population to resist our modern military when discussing the 2nd amendment- this only plays into the hands of people who would like to be tyrants for a revolt thought to be impossible is a revolt that does not occur.  Now I can’t blame people (too much) for this thought as its been drummed into their heads for a long time and unless someone has been in the military or researched asymmetrical warfare they likely are only surmising what they can based on the US’s history against other modern militaries.  Of course this is an apples to oranges comparison as asymmetrical warfare is never about the meeting of modern military forces – rather its more akin to fighting as we are seeing in Afghanistan and saw in Vietnam.

First of all lets understand what armed revolution meant when it occurred on these shores.  Technically it was secession not revolution since we wanted to leave not overthrow the King – but hey that word has a bad rap so why bother being accurate when we talk about history.  We can clearly see they understood the risks they were undertaking signing the Declaration of Independence  when it was said “We must all hang together or we shall certainly all hang separately.” and they understood the moral reasoning for their leaving and left a reminder to all people ” But when a long train of abuses and usurpation’s, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

The “revolutionaries” at the time were pitted against the worlds most formidable military ever assembled with a powerful navy to back it up.  Understand that we had exactly 0 military naval vessels at the time, no army, no currency, and hoped that farmers and fur trappers would be able to repel a formally trained, paid, and issue military that was the envy of the world along with their hired Hessian troops.

Lost freaking cause right?  No and we didn’t even have access to the source of Britain’s production and we did it all with popular support of about 20% of the population with about 3% actually taking up arms.  Hrmm…that little?  Yup – that little support and mobilized soldiers against a military whose political leaders, production and longest lines of supply were untouchable while it used troops with no moral connection to the people.  I would also point out I am not discounting France’s involvement in funding us and providing Naval cover and blockade without which we would have either lost or drug it out for far longer.  Thanks Ben.

Ok so what would a modern revolution or secession movement have going for it aside from the availability and familiarity of the US citizen with arms (the whole “well regulated” part of the 2nd amendment which means well equipped and trained or “in good working order”):

1. Prior military training of the population.
Almost 10% of our population has served or is serving in the military so has a command of modern field tactics, operation and is familiar with the equipment and processes of war.   Understanding this it is easy to see why the most popular rifle in the US is the AR-15 the civilian version of the M-16 which has been the standard military rifle since Vietnam.   This allows the quick training of the citizens who do not have prior training.  There is a huge difference in the survivability of units of all green troops and those with mostly green troops with seasoned veterans alongside.

2. Ability to directly attack supply and means of production.
Since the US military supplies itself with goods and services that originate within our border it is easy to both monkey wrench supply, seize, or destroy it.  The factory across town that makes MRE’s (or uniforms, or ammo, or spare tank treads or…), the shipment of medical supplies on the interstate (or fuel, or ammo, or food, or personnel, or…) are easy to intercept or destroy.

This means more than limiting the supply of goods needed to support an army; it means taking away troops from “frontline” positions in order to guard every shipment of any good needed.  This is a massive undertaking and one that has not been needed in the US since maybe the war of 1812.  It also induces a huge stress factor on troops as supply itself would a dodgy prospect even while on base.

Understand that the main advantage the US held in both world wars was its ability to produce while not having to worry about its production centers being attacked.  We could manufacture and transport in complete safety bombs, tanks, firearms, ammunition, clothing, propellers, and everything else within our borders until it left our shores.   Could Germany, Japan, Italy, China, or the UK ever say that? No.

3. The enemy has a strong moral connection with the people.
Unlike the British who looked down on colonials or their Hessian mercenaries – the US military at many levels (and especially at command level) looks extremely unfavorably on being used against US populations (Posse Comitatus aside).  The average soldier did not sign up to go to war against other Americans (and our shared identity is very strong in this nation).  Sure, many units will go along with orders initially but the drag on morale will be extreme over time and this leads to desertion, which will likely lead to impression or as we call it: the draft – which will decrease morale further and turn existing loyalists away from engagement despite propaganda.

While units will be deployed away from their area of recruitment they will still have to go home to dinner and holidays with individuals who will grill them on their treatment of their fellow Americans – shop in stores where their actions are unpopular and face widespread public protests.

4. Payment or lack of it.
A revolution in the US would crash the dollar as OPEC pulled the linkage of the dollar to buying oil (or we would force them with our military to continue to accept it which would further weaken the ability to project security at home).

Soldiers get paid shit but at least they can spend it – how long would it take Steve to worry more about Suzie and the kid back home who can’t buy anything with his pay than he is about going down main street America and shooting at ex military and the town police force?  Sure legal tender laws will be enforced in heavily military controlled areas with price controls causing shortages and a huge surge in black market activities trading in precious metals and barter.  This further stress the population against the government mandating businesses accept valueless paper.

5.  Military doctrine.
Current military doctrine (and by current we mean post Cold War) is to be funded and manned to be able to fight two conflicts in two different regions in theaters roughly the size of Texas.  This  doctrine also depends on the support of National Guard, Reserve, and civilian contractors in order to operate – any one of which may currently be housing many individuals sympathetic or working for the rebellion – if the entire NG or Reserve unit isn’t totally supporting the effort or has been raided for its supplies.  Disrupt this chain and the stressors on the active military increase again.

6. Asymmetrical warfare aka “Guerrilla” tactics.
Our military (though slowly adapting) is built with the Cold War idea of meeting another modern military in head to head fighting with conventional front lines. This is absolutely not how a war on home soil would be fought.  First of all – exactly where would there be “front lines”?  In what direction and at whom would artillery face?  The development down the block where one family of partisans was known to operate from –  the other development five times as large in another direction where statistically there are 10 partisans – or the empty warehouses in another direction that could be used as manufacturing bases which we would investigate if we could spare the manpower?  What about all those heavy bombers…going to bomb Boise because its under rebel control…exactly how many more will take up arms after we do that and destroy our own infrastructure these are hard if not impossible questions to answer.  Most of the hardware our military has will be absolutely useless if not counter-productive and that’s when it has the supplies to operate.

Our military will be facing small and highly mobile units harassing and attacking them all over and with no large organization and little modern communication they will be almost impossible to predict.  Add in that each organization will be utilizing its own strategic, logistic, and tactical plans sorting out patterns will be a dizzying job which means predictions will be almost useless aside from “that looks good to attack so we should protect it”.  These forces and both their maneuverability and ability to dissolve back into the population will make hard responses almost impossible.

Those few are simple but powerful reasons why such a movement would likely be much more successful than people initially believe and why it’s less likely to be politically viable.  There are others to be sure such as the irrelevance of our main deterrent on our own soil (nuclear force), the logistics of bases and distance to major population centers, the availability of type of arms common in America and the average combat ranges and armor used…but those are more detailed studies.

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I'm a liberty fighter from the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.
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43 Responses to Armed revolution in America today

  1. Andrew Weit says:

    Whomever wrote this has many good points here. I would ask, though, what is the probability of the Federal government calling in some foreign favors and ordering a foreign attack on American citizens?

    • Scott says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Obama wouldn’t have a single problem calling on the U.N. and I really don’t think they would waste time getting here. Its so sad that we even have to discusse the possibility that our own President would even consider doing this to his own people, really what does this say about him?

      • Patrick. says:

        I’m willing to bet that Obama would definitely call in outside forces but how long would that last. Eventually they would realize that Obama’s not going to be paying it back so its a waste of their time and money.and like the writer said. This is our turff. We live here and we would die for it. The outsiders have no connection here. To them this would just be another lybia. Only better armed and most Muslim

    • Chris says:

      i’ve heard from other revolutionaries across the U.S. that Obama has moved around 300 Russian troops into the U.S.

      can anyone confirm this?

  2. Andrew Shemo says:

    last numbers I saw said that there are something like 80 million gun owners in America with something like 300 million actual guns in the country. I don’t know how they’re recording the number of actual gun owners in the country (I suppose by issued licenses and such), but that’s a lot of damn people with guns.

    also, recent reports show that NATO forces are running out on ammunition on a such a small conflict like Libya:

  3. Can you help me piece together some information for a group of people trying to prepare for the collapse of the dollar outside of an all out war on our military. I would hope it wouldn’t be necessary, but that’s why Obama is putting together his Civilian army, to do what the true military will not.

  4. Bill Tsafa says:

    The more technologically advanced a military is… the more it depends on its civilian population to support that technology. Technology is very high maintenance and soldiers still need to eat.
    A typical military aircraft needs many hours of service time for every one hour in flight. High technology is a burden onto itself and can only be useful with the support of a highly efficient economy.

    Even in 1944 when technology was still in a less developed state, it was clear that the way to win war was to attack the civilian population on the other side that supports the war effort.

    Given the more advanced state of technology today an oppressed people would do best at trying to control the food source, the water source, the mining areas, the factories, the highways, sewage plants, oil refineries, electric plants…

  5. Bill Tsafa says:

    …control the food source, the water source, the mining areas, the factories, the highways, sewage plants, oil refineries, electric plants…

    To expand on what I said… once these sources are controlled, shutdown, sabotaged… etc, within a short period of time a war-machine dependent of high technology would break down and have to fall back to the use of simple rifles and bombs. At this point, a hypothetical future tyranny would not have much of an advantage over those resisting it.

  6. Eric says:

    I have to say this is one of the best articles I have ever read. I enjoyed every word of it. It would be nice if this article really caught the attention of a mass populace. The people of this Great Nation should never fear their government, but the government should fear us, WE THE PEOPLE. Thanks again for the article it will be shared with others.

  7. Otis says:

    I appreciated what one poster on another site said. I only own a single shot .308 with a scope. I don’t fear the might of the military because one well place shot from my rifle rewards me with at least an M-16 and 150 rounds of ammo. That M-16 will then reward me with an array of military weapons.

    • Todd says:

      As a veteran of the cold war serving inn the USA And also a X member of the WA.national guard.They have just as much or more to gain by revolution. 100 armed trained an disciplined congretional patriots could take over every Fed.courthouse without the loss of life. Family court needs a.gurned..permanently.they have killed far to many Americans

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  9. Tex says:

    For the last few years, I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the militarization of our “police” forces in the United States. I am a former military officer myself, and agree with the author that if Posse Comitatus were suspended, the US military would eventually begin to refrain from suppression of their fellow citizens. However, the same is untrue of our militarized police forces. Please don’t flame me on this- I understand the move to provide more sophisticated arms, ammunition and tactical assault equipment for our law enforcement community because of a number of attacks by criminals with military-grade weapons and equipment. I likewise understand and fully the desire for each and every law enforcement officer in our country to go home every night safe and to live to a ripe old age. But I also do not wish to live in what “could” become a police state if every city and town has a platoon of “soldiers” equipped just as would be a similar military platoon.
    I wonder if this militarization has already gone so far that even our well-armed citizenry would not be capable of resisting should that ever (God forbid) become necessary.

    • Neil says:

      The police have to be paid too and it cost money to equip every officer. The state government just doesnt have that money to do it. When the economic collapse hits, the government will be broke and disband itself. It is already happening right now, here in chicago, they laid off 170 police officers from across the city. We dont even have a properly staffed firefighting division in the city.

      • James H says:

        I completely agree, especially about equipment for officers. Simple bullet proof vests are NOT cheap, full tactical assault gear in a police state would be prohibitively expensive. In other words politicians better get there act together or else… well, lets just say I’ll start wearing a blue coat.

      • Chris says:

        they have laid off over 200 officers in ky, because the didn’t have the money to pay them

  10. Tex says:

    I apologize for the omission of words- I fully understand and support the desire for all law enforcement officers to go home safe every night.

  11. Neil says:

    Good points in this article. If you live in inner city america, it is already a war zone. So far this year, there has been 485 murders in Chicago, and the police are overwhelmed. A total uprising or revolution would be uncontrollable, it would be total chaos. When people dont have a job and not enough to eat, this whole country will collapse.

    • Chris says:

      the city of cincinnati OH, has been getting worse and worse every year, with unemployment, hunger, and the homeless populace has been increasing significantly, taxes are through the roof and the lower class seems like the mos likely to take up arms. “We the people stand together under one banner.” John Hanson (the first president of congress) If one were to take up arms, many others will follow, in hopes for a better tomorrow.

  12. Les says:

    Not likely we will have a blatant revolution, more possible is the withdraw of a few states from the union and then seeing what Obuma would do. Obama would try to become a dictator as I believe is what he wishes. If we get engaged with our military, be aware that many have already sworn not to engage against their own countrymen, militia would lose badly as very few have NVG, etc.. I was in two branches of the US military and I don’t believe most or our amry would engage their fathers and brothers. If I were in charge of the cecession group I would talk with the US soldiers and reason with them from my common ground. and ask them how much they wish to follow a person who has little or no understanding of being a real US citizen. If Oboma is not re-e;ected I don’t see cesession happening, he might be able to fix the financial armegheddon that we are entering.

  13. Les says:

    Sorry, “he” meaning Romney.

  14. Les says:

    Make friends with your local farmers!

    • Chris says:

      kentucky would have the backs of any rebellion, i know we were not on either the north nor the south. but our farmlands still flourish to this day.

  15. Herb says:

    Well all is well with this theory but everyone has forgotten about the Neutron bomb that disolves all living things without touching buildings and other structure. Even the Bible has something to say about this where eyes will dissolve in their sockets, and toungues will dissolve in the mouth. Exactly what a Neutron Bomb does, I would say that would be a simple way to cut down the population down to 500000000 people (1/2 Billion) from 6 billion we have now. We better figure out how to take out those bombs first for any chance of a revolution.

  16. Dan says:

    Good article but you’ve left out an important aspect. Many military members will disobey orders to attack their own people. This, I think, would be what wins it for the revolutionaries.

  17. Joe says:

    The combination of liberals with business owners importing illegal aliens for paternalistic and cheap labor reasons, money corrupting politics, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce exporting American jobs, Free Trade that is allowing China to upgrade their military with U.S. dollars, Jews in control of the financial system, it’s worse now than the colonies under King George.

  18. mike says:

    Obama signs an executive decision which is to be the premiss for illegalizing fire arms. Sets this bill before congress, only congress says, “No way in hell!” because it’s a violation of constitutional rights. But, what they’re willing to do, and only because the public is screaming bloody murder due in full part to a sudden epidemic of mass shootings, is issue a bill offering a tax credit if an individual “surrenders” an assault weapon.

    This bill works 2 ways: First; an individual must willingly surrender their weapon to the government, therefore still upholding the second amendment. Part 2 is the 2000 dollar tax credit you will receive for that weapon which you “surrendered”, but only if you can provide documentation as to the purchase of the item. And it must be legally purchased. Otherwise you receive nothing and, because of the wording of the bill, you don’t get your item back.

    With this being said, most of the public will go for it because they will think its and automatic $2000 and congress knows people will stop reading, those that do read it, once they see the amount of the credit being offered. On the other hand, congress doesn’t have a problem with the credit, even though the government can’t afford a credit of this magnitude, due to the fact there is no money left to spend and our country is in financial bankruptcy, because the majority of the people are not going to be able to provide documentation. In addition, most of the people
    that have a paper trail, will not give up theirs just because these are “gun people” (i.e. you don’t buy an assault weapon unless you really like your guns).

    How do I know this fact you ask? Because of the over 20 people I sent a copy of the bill too, possibly more since then, NONE of them read the part about having a paper trail on the gun when I asked them. In addition, you can only turn in “one” and receive the credit. People would love to turn in 5 and get 10000 dollars, wouldn’t you? That was the second question I asked all these people. One guy told me he was going to go to the store and purchase some Cheap assault rifles and turn them all in. Haha.

    In the end, congress spends minimal amounts of money doing this, Obama is happy because they “have the guns” (quote from Biden made during the executive signing) and the people just surrendered tens of thousands of assault rifles further weakening the U.S. citizens who are losing more and more of their constitutional rights while the blind public stands idle continuing to let this happen.

    Our Freedom and Rights are on the edge. Will they fall off or step back? It’s up to all of us to make that decision.

    Please pass this on


    Subject:H.R.226 – Support Assault Firearms Elimination

  19. Billy says:

    For me I seek the crumbling of the current Governing Body of The United States,and every state governing body in the Union!.Why lots of thing mostly Family courts and the lack of fathers basic human natural rights in this land!.It has become evident,that the seperation and extortion from fathers for state gain and federal control on the American public is running rampent,unchecked and for special interest groups,and select industrys beniffit!.Promoting Devorce in and Un-wed mothership in America,and its got to stop I advocate for the burning of all Government Buildings,the killing of all government reprisentatives,Judges,and stakk in every government agency state and federal and if nesicary to end this endless extortion and courupt Constitution destrying system,I feel We stop paying Unless Our Children have our names,We have equal parenting time,atleast aqn address,phone number and legal excess to our children.In acordance with Natural law.Policys are stedally being implimented to turn you into a slave,for the rest of your life,actually encauraging you to get behind so they can extort from you even take your Social Security.I say NO! and I meen it!.Time to burn and kill.with Cap and trade,the affordable care act,Department of IRS scamming every second to scrape another dime out of your pockets,for couruption,bribes and lies.I promote Cyber attacks,Rebelion and killing because thats the only options available with the crooks in our Governments turn you into slaves every way they can.

  20. john doe says:

    Proud U.S. citizens
    study\research about Jesse Ventura FEMA CAMP videos

    …..your governement have already build\implanted (Nazi Style) RE-EDUCATION CAMPS ….ALL OVER THE COUNTRY
    ….each with train rails aside of them !!!


  21. micheal says:

    every one talks about how it could be done yet no one speaks of who will stand up and start it or where for that matter. had i the funding i would surely try.

  22. James Estepp says:

    You list such reasons as to why this Revolution will work, so why not start it? Give me a list of things to do and I will do them. Just tell me what needs to be done.

    • Chris says:

      most people dont want to give up their luxuries in life to better their future, most people are selfish. that is why in my own opinion, nobody ever does anything. we have the mental capacity to start something but not the physical support that we need to support our actions, if we could get different cells across the US and attack all at once at different points, the government wouldnt know where to act first, its a long process and like i said, many are too wrapped up in the next iphone or the next trend. People would rather live in poverty than to stand up for a better future. But if any were to stand up, i would gladly shred my luxuries to continue the fight for a better country

  23. VDN says:

    FYI – This will be the ONLY POST:

    See if you get the following information from the United States of America’s BIAS News Coverage (Television or Radio) and see whether such is SHARED PUBLICLY/WORLDWIDE!

    One thing is for sure that is being LAUGHED at is the 1-3 Weeks PROTESTS that Americans do because UNLIKE Egypt who KNEW how to use SOCIAL MEDIA Resources, ORGANIZE and ENDURE for WEEKS/MONTHS Americans have been IGNORANT for so long that even their Government SITS BACK and LAUGH as they are being STRIPPED of their RIGHTS!

    So I just thought that sharing the following information may be EDUCATIONAL and INFORMATIVE. While the United States of America’s citizens are DIVIDED along RACIAL lines, when it comes to the WARS that Washington, D.C. has taken this country into and NOW has had to RETREAT in DISGRACE, perhaps what appears to be the FIRST-DEGREE Murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman will open up the EYES of many WHITE-Americans to see just how President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) and CONGRESS pulled off ANOTHER FRAUDULENT act in their ROLE in the George Zimmerman Trial. There is a saying that when you DON’T stop a CRIMINAL, he/she goes on to become CAREER CRIMINALS and COMMIT MORE HIDEOUS CRIMES! It appears that the SAME DECEITFUL tactics WILL CONTINUE as more and more SOLDIERS are sent home in BOXES/COFFINS because this is WHAT happens when Americans STICK THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND and are AFRAID to take back their Government. There is NO excuse WHY WASHINGTON has allowed ISRAEL (a Jewish Nation) to use the United States of America’s MILITARY Powers to fight their RELIGIOUS and RACIST WARS – – -the PRICE being is PARENTS, CHILDREN, etc. being SHIPPED back in BOXES/COFFINS because “WE THE PEOPLE” have allowed the United States of America’s CORRUPT Government Officials to TURN Citizens AGAINST each other through PREJUDICES/RACIAL ANIMOSITY while they SOLD ITS Military for EVIL/WICKED purposes. Now YOUNG INNOCENT lives are being LOST in Wars that were started for EVIL and WICKED GAINS! Yes, Washington’s CORRUPT Leadership is LAUGHING because it appears they have managed to go about trying to STRIP Americans of their FREEDOMS while they IDLY sit by like DEERS GAZING in HEADLIGHTS NOT realizing the POWER is with the PEOPLE. While there are those who for reasons of RACIAL RESENTMENT believe that Trayvon Martin deserved what he got, then they most likely will believe that the United States of America’s CORRUPT Government sending its MILITARY in to be SLAUGHTERED is also okay – WHY it’s NOT their CHILDREN and/or LOVED ONES coming home in BOXES/COFFINS or being GUNNED DOWN by a LUNATIC Neighborhood Watch-WANNA BE Police Officer!

    Please feel free to visit and

    Hopefully this information will be beneficial.

  24. Jedothek says:

    People mentioned the use of foreign troops. Note also that dhs is the equivalent of the sa and sa, goons without military tradition who will kill whomever they are told to. This could be a problem.

  25. Jfk says:

    Actually, I think once the revolt has started, it already can’t be stopped. I dont think the military at all would even try to fight the people. They all got families back here, so in fact, the military would probably be the FIRST to start a revolution, or at least launch the first attack after its been started. But then again, if the military over throws, then we’d have a militant controlled dictatorship, so we still need civilians to deliver the final blow. I picture government loyalists, corporate hired foreign mercs, or dhs remnants being the only ones out there trying to restore order, which would be futile, and quite frankly, cute,
    When put up against 80,000,000 military grade weapon owners. I think the first to die are the super rich, the corporations, and foreign lobbyists (ie israel) that completely control this country and its media. The final would be a sweep up project for the corrupt politicians who were to chickenshit to stand up against the industries that control them. I picture there death to be old fashioned, simple and painful. I picture people dragging all the politicians out of the capital building by there hair, people beating them severely, then dousing them in kerosene, whip out the zippo, and light em up in the streets. Then the people throw gas cans with rags in them, and molitovs at the capitol building and burning it to nothing as the final remnant of the sick bastards who destroyed the country.

    • Jedothek says:

      1. I favor a quick death for the bastards, if death is necessary: a bullet to the head or chest.

      2. The Capitol is beautiful. It signifies the old America (congress first met there in 1800 , the year that Thomas Jefferson was elected) more than the recent oligarchy.

  26. Bryan says:

    I believe it is time for a change whether it be a all out revolt or a public demonstration of peace to make the average American knowledgeable about the real government and what is really going on. There are things taking place that were put into motion in the 60s. Obama care yea more like reagan care that is when the idea was first set into motion for that type of bill to be passed all the president is is a puppet for the men behind the curtain william cooper said it best in the late 80s whether you believe it or not it is happening and it will effect you and all of us and it is time for us to stand together as patriots and do something because if we dont we will be slaves to the government and china will become the model to the united states and i refuse to stand idle and let it happen when i have kids that will grow up in a unfair u.s and look to me like why did i do nothing i written many papers on the subject none of which will be printed none of which people will recognize as truth when i state facts and actual laws and bills that were passed over 20 years ago by the first american king george bush sr i will not stand idle and be put in internment camps by my government or any other foreign government it is time to fix what is wrong with this country and anyone who is with me and really with me we need to band together and make it a reality instead of just talking about it… carpe diem

  27. Bryan says:

    i also believe that it is America that needs to be liberated and anyone else that would get involved in a modern American revolution is an enemy but it needs to happen here period other countries are not our concern my concern is for my family and for my country men i am a patriot first and a humanitarian second

  28. Zachary says:

    what u have to realize, what we all have to realize, is that though many of us want a revolution, not everyone’s prepared for one. certain people (even some I know) get pissed of about the small things and fail to see the big picture…………….that america NEEDS to change, but not completely. now before ANYONE chews me out for this very obvious statement, hear this: we the people need to rise, however it is possible for us to do so, and wave the very damn documents the founding fathers built our society with……….the constitution, the declaration of independence, and even older articles that tie into the same thought: we ARE the land of the FREE. we the people DO run this country, and NO ONE or GROUP of persons can change that. i say we review OUR documents, OUR speeches, OUR FREEDOMS and tear down what’s current and RETURN TO THE FOUNDATION TO REBUILD! there, that’s MY response, now who will join me to become a WE once again? and to the government agencies more than likely reading it all, I DO NOT FEAR THEE, FOR I AM ONE OF THE PEOPLE, I AM ONE OF THE MANY WHO WILL RISE IN MY OWN WAY, I SHALL NOT HIDE………………………..WE ARE THE 99%, YOUR SO CALLED SUBJECTS. PREPARE YOURSELVES, FOR YOUR END IS NEAR. want me for my blasphemies? come and find me i live in Doniphan Missouri, and im ready with the greatest weapon of all..:MY VOICE!

  29. talon says:

    I completly agree with the author pluse if we could capture musames we could capture cannons and create our own ammo with lead.

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