Divide and Conquer

Ron Paul burst into the mainstream in 2008 with his campaign to become President.  Since then, his popularity has grown as demonstrated with winning the CPAC nomination 2 years in a row. Due to many people clinging onto the status quo due to it benefiting them, many people have come out attacking Ron Paul. For the most part, these attacks are not coherent and obfuscate issues in order to bamboozle the average American into believing Ron Paul is a dreamer and that his ideas have no place in the modern world. Every now and again though, an article is published which is coherent and is in need of rebuttal. One paricular article is by a gentleman called Rick Ungar and is entitled ‘Ron Paul Pushes Financial Crack To America’s Working Youth‘.

Reading the article, it clear that Rick is a Statist who is approaching retirement age (he mentions he is 60 years old). Whilst his article on the surface appears to be an attack on Ron Paul, it is merely the fact that Rick has to make the case for the continuing status quo as it benefits him. Allow me to explain;

A quick google search shows up many articles showing how Social Security is facing a fiscal defecit. The only way to keep the scheme going is by getting new participants (i.e young people) to pay into this in order to pay for SS checks being mailed out now. This makes SS a typical ponzi scheme. Unfortunately, Rick’s makes his point in the worst way possible by using the classic divide and conquer tactic. Rick denigrates young people saying that the Government has to force us to pay into SS otherwise young people won’t save for their future. They will instead be ‘spending a fortune they don’t have to impress a girl with front row concert seats’.

I could continue to rebut the article further but the comments proceeding the the article are very extensive with well though out rebuttals to each of Rick’s points.

My main point in this blog entry is that whilst the banks raped the US taxpayers for trillions of dollars, we are now left to fight over the crumbs that are spilling from their table. If it’s not old vs young people, it’s State workers vs taxpayers, or cops vs civilians. Lets not forget the Republicans vs Democrats.

The banks have stolen trillions of dollars and brought our economy to it’s knees, the Government spending is out of control, and Vietnam 2 (colloquially known as the War in Afghanistan) is expanding to encompass other countries and we still people can’t see who the true enemy is.

The Government is paid and bought for by the big banks. It’s not a Government ‘by the people, for the people’ anymore. It’s a Government ‘for the banksters, by the banksters’. If people want to have a future for themselves and there loved ones, they should concentrate there efforts on the real enemy and not the fake enemies the main stream media primes them with.

Reprinted from breakmyconditioning.com

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2 Responses to Divide and Conquer

  1. Bill Tsafa says:

    It is kind of hard to make an argument against a man who says that government should just stick to the Constitution.

  2. Andrew Shemo says:


    isn’t that what politicians are supposed to do? not only has Ron Paul consistently voted throughout his entire political stint on constitutional grounds, but all his colleagues are supposed to do the same. On top of that, Ron actually proposes serious solutions to the problems instead of requesting more government, more corruption, and more money. Further, he has at least a half-dozen books to actually concrete his principles.

    ps- Ron Paul had a President’s Day money bomb yesterday and raised something like $407K+ in 24 hours. this was on short notice with little time to announce the money bomb. that shows that there’s still massive support to send a real clear message that we’re not screwing around anymore and we want freedom.

    Here’s the site which you can actually still donate to:

    the money ticker started at like $303,000 which was the total amount raised in the first quarter. When I went to around 4am, the ticket showed just slightly over $710,000.

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