Gangs loose on the Streets of Egypt while Police Vanish

Just like Hurricane Katrina and the L.A. riots, now in Egypt, when  citizens need the police the most, the Police are no where to be seen. This is not something that is unique to the Police of New Orleans, L.A., Cairo or Athens… this is a recurring pattern that highlights that police work is only a job. Most of the people who do that job will not put people whom they do not know before their own safety or the needs of their own families.

It has been proven time and time again that the final responsibility of self protection rests on the individual. No where was this more evident then aboard the flights that crashed into the World Trade Center. The people had been trained from birth to believe that when threatened they should “submit” to the will terror. They were taught to believe that the “police” will soon be along to rescue them. If the people on board the planes had taken matters into their own hands and immediately attacked the hijackers, they would have saved thousands of lives on the ground and probably their own too.

Aside from the natural instinct of self preservation that cops hold there is a deep deficiency in their training. Police training focuses on the 99 percent of the time where there is general order. Their training assumes that they will have a numerical advantage over the bad guys. If they don’t have a numerical advantage then their orders are to wait for more police to arrive. In a natural disaster or riot type of situation where they are outnumbered,  they are completely dumb founded and don’t know what to do except retreat.

I spent much of my life in NYC and have privately spoken to many cops over the years. The fact is that most of them hold a deep contempt for the people they protect. They categorize them  as either greedy Wall Street types… or low life ghetto scum. There is only a very slim margin in the middle who they consider good citizens  and those are people they personally know. I have asked them what they would do in a Hurricane Katrina type situation and they all gave me the same answer… they would look after their own families.

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2 Responses to Gangs loose on the Streets of Egypt while Police Vanish

  1. Dan Gillings says:

    To rely on other people to save you is asinine. As the old adage goes;

    “If you want a job doing right, do it yourself!”

  2. American Strength says:

    Carter lost Iran. Obama will lose Egypt. The Democrats are a curse.

    Will Obama let the Muslim Brotherhood destroy the Pyramids… the same way Bill Clinton let the Taliban destroy ancient statues in Afghanistan? It is the legacy of the Democrats.

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