Healthcare Paradox

Healthcare can never, never be affordable unless there is some spending cap or limit on how much medical treatment a person can get. There will always be some new experimental procedure or drug that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and has a low rate of success that will drain any insurance pool.

How much money do you put into a car before you decide to junk it? At some point it makes financial sense to stop fixing a car. Problem is that you can not easily make that logical decision about people. So at what point do you stop treating someone who will die any way? Who wants to make that decision???

It is much more preferable to let people make their decisions by means of how much insurance they want or none at all. It is easier to tell someone they can not have the $100,000 surgery because they have no way to pay for it, rather then they can’t have it because they will probably die of natural causes in a few months anyway.

Death is part of Life. Stop trying to keep people alive who should not be alive. That is the real problem with health care and why the insurance system does not and will not work.

No politician can face up to the Healthcare Paradox because they will certainly loose support of almost the entire aging population and anyone with a terminally sick person in their family. The emotions overwhelm the logic… hence affordable healthcare is an impossibility.


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