Lawlessness within the ATF

Yes America, a federal agency appears to be trying to cover up a horrific story where 2 federal agents were killed by guns that American officials allowed to walk freely down across the border into Mexico which ultimately landed up in the hands of some drug cartels.  All apparently so the ATF could take down a large Drug Cartel to make it appear as if they’re making the world safer from drugs and that their war on drugs is actually working.

Any and all citizens of the United States should contact their elected representatives and demand that their be hearings on this matter so that justice is served.  For your convenience, a friend of mine took the time to put together a draft letter that you can use to send to your elected representatives:

Here’s a compiled list of links talking about the issue that I’m currently aware of:;cbsCarousel,0,4144980.story

Here are a few videos about the debacle:;photovideo

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