My Open Letter to the Campaign for Liberty

Mr. Tate,

In the 21 days this month you have sent me four e-mails requesting money to help your campaigns outside of Pennsylvania.  In addition to the four e-mails you sent, that e-mail was forwarded to me from 15 other lists within Pennsylvania, so for the 64th time this month, I know you want money from Pennsylvania to spend on campaigns outside of our Commonwealth.

Let’s rewind.  As a State Coordinator for the Ron Paul 2008 campaign, I was invited to an invitation only event the day before the Rally for the Republic kicked off.  This event we were promised openness and transparency.  It was said that bylaws and the creation of Campaign for Liberty would come from the people that put it so much to make the campaign the success it was.  This meeting turned into disgust when microphones were turned off and the questions we had were not answered.  We wanted an organization that stood firm on the fight for liberty.

Today it is more of the same.  You have handpicked several candidates to move forward but have also excluded a great candidate from Pennsylvania.  Your concern is not for my back yard and how we truly can change government but how you can grow your organization an put more money and energy onto the fight in the most corrupt level of government (the federal level).  Your agenda will not help promote individual liberty or freedom for the grassroots  that stand together looking to you for answers.

The Campaign for Liberty is in a position to change government, awaken a sleeping America and return that liberty and freedom to the people.  It is time to stop and start fresh.  The fight at the state and local level, is a fight that can still be won.  The fight is a fight that will have more drastic effects on people’s lives in one month then ten years fighting for an audit of the federal reserve.  It is time for a fresh start in the Campaign for Liberty, a start that gives the power to the people, much like you promote and encourage your members to demand from its government.

Pennsylvania was a win for Ron Paul, not only does it hold his birthplace and his home college, as it holds the greatest treasures of American History in Philadelphia and in York.  Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth and our constitution is sound and ready for the people to take it back.  I have devoted my money and energy to this fight and to help people across the state become leaders and win those crucial local elections.

So, please change your policy, return the Campaign for Liberty back to the people who made the Ron Paul 2008 campaign successful.  Every dollar from Pennsylvania should be spent and used in Pennsylvania.

In Liberty,

Scott R. Davis
This is an open letter.
CC: Debbie Hopper, David Jahn,  Ron Paul (mailed to)

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2 Responses to My Open Letter to the Campaign for Liberty

  1. Andrew Shemo says:

    it’s sad to see that a organization with Dr. Ron Paul’s name attached to it is becoming corrupt…sadly enough, that is usually the route MOST companies & organizations take once the money goes to their head and they get too big..they lose focus on their purpose for existing. hopefully they can get back on track and keep pursuing that “campaign for liberty” like so many of us are.

  2. I agree with this letter 100%. As a county coordinator in York for this organization, I have become increasing disgusted with the direction the national group has taken. I too received all of these letters and emails asking for donations for useless videos in Nevada and Kentucky. The C4L does NOT endorse candidates – trashing two candidates is a backwards endorsement. Besides the fact that within the last week, I have received more emails and direct mailings from the national C4L than I have for any other group or organization (including charities) combined in the last two months!

    As Scott has mentioned, the only way to truly effect the change necessary is to do it locally. We must work in local and state issues first. For a system as broken and corrupt as ours is now, it is time for a total rebuilding from the ground up. Only once we have our own houses in order can we take on the federal beast known as the federal system, which has its tentacles in everything.

    Instead of feeding the national organization, I would suggest donating directly to the state (done through the PA page at C4L) or, even better, directly to the local groups in the counties who are doing all the grunt work necessary in this fight for liberty.

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