Republican liberals

What’s worse than a Democratic liberal?  A Republican liberal who tries to mask as some sort of conservative!

The Republican Party seems to be gearing up for a Romney nomination, who, by the way, is pretty similar to President Obama in a lot of ways.

Rather than nominating someone like Ron Paul, who reaches out to a vast array of people, which is what the Republican Party will need to beat Obama in 2012, they seem content with a Republican liberal who accomplished everything most Republicans scream about today, while he was the Governor in Massachusetts.

To name some of the gripes most Republicans have today, and I believe they’re right in having issues with these, let us look at a few things that the guy they’ll likely nominate to run against President Obama has done while Governor in his state.  Romney signed state mandated health insurance into law, signed an assault weapon ban into law, signed tax increases into law, and appointed liberal justices, to name a few things.

Sound awfully similar to the liberal in the white house?  I’m not surprised one bit.  The Republican Party of 2012 has become so diluted that it’s almost impossible to distinguish a big government Republican from a big government Democrat.

Vote for liberty!

That is all for today.

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I'm a liberty fighter from the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.
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