Social Security Socialism

The Social Security Socialist System is just as unconstitutional as government run health care. No where in the Constitution of the United States does it give authority to the Federal Government to run a retirement program. I believe the existence of the social security system has created a nation of people dependent on big government. The people who have some financially savvy would do far better to invest their money directly. The people who are financially ignorant are fooled into the false comfort that the “government” will take care of them in their old age. Ask any retired person and they will tell you that the payouts from social security are inadequate to live on.

Once a country goes down the socialist path it is very hard to come back because people get use to “entitlements”. The socialist cancer of government run retirement has spread to socialist government run health care and will continue to spread until it is cut off at the root. The root of socialism is the taxes that fund it. The people of this country are very over taxed and the money is spent on socialist programs that it has no business being involved it. The responsibility of the federal government is very simple; defense from foreign enemies, regulate free trade between the states and  regulate a stable currency… that is it.

People broadly talk about repealing the government run health care bill and acknowledge how corrosive it is… but do not realize that the idea was born from the failing Social Security System that came before it. Few politicians, even strict constitutional ones, are willing to attack the social security system. They can not, because it has corrupted all of America and made it dependent on it. Entitlements and Dependency is the bait and trap of socialism. If we continue down this path we will soon end up like France, a broken socialist nation, with no hope of every prospering.

So what is to be done with Social Security at this point. Sadly we can not just cut it off, because generations of American have now become dependent on it. For any politician to propose tearing down the social security system it is political suicide. The answer is to turn the system over to the states. Give that responsibility back to the states who are closer to the people and are better suited to assess their needs. The Federal Government should turn over the system to the states without any mandates of how it should be administered. Within time the smarter states will realize what a hopeless endeavor government run retirement is and will phase it out all together.

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2 Responses to Social Security Socialism

  1. Robert D. Birk says:

    I am interested.

  2. JOE says:

    if we give up entitlements what will happen to the illegal’s, blacks and scammers?

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