Starvation Diet for Government

No mater how much tolls and taxes government imposes… it will never, ever, ever, be enough. Government will  always find a way to waste the money they raise and come back for more. I will modify a quote I heard and say… giving money to government is like feeding wild animals, they keep coming back for more food and then they attack you for not feeding them.

Lets consider the New Jersey and New York example…  they ask for more money to hire more cops. Rather then use those cops to go after drug dealers and gangsters, they arm them with radar guns and send them out  with the priority of issuing traffic tickets. They institute quotas on those cops because they now have to support their even larger budget requirements. Its a bottomless pit. We can see a very clearly the failed model in New Jersey and New York  that only leads to misery. It is better to  have just a handful of cops who are busy answering real 911 calls rather then hiring more with so much free time on their hands that they set up speed traps and  harass citizens.  In cases of real crimes government offers no guarantee of protection. They are mostly interested in enforcing laws that generate revenue through fines.

No taxes, No tolls. Government can make due with what they have and figure out how to stretch their resources. The best government is a Starving One.

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