The Death of a Dream

Man has always dreamt of flying.  Our history is full of examples going as far back as the Ancient Greeks with the tale of Icarus.  Leonarda Da Vinci was dreaming of flying machines during the renaissance, the Montgolfier brothers were soaring the skies in hot air balloons before the American Constitution was written, and the Wright brothers hold the record for the first flight of an airplane.  Since that historical flight back in 1903, planes became the main fighting force in WW2 which was up until then the privilege of the Navy and had been for centuries.  The Comet became the first passenger airplane in 1949 to utilise jet engines.  Man broke the speed barrier for the first time in recorded history!  Man had achieved his dream and then some.  Man could now fly.

The 1950s onwards saw a huge boom in the airline industry.  Places royalty couldn’t have reached 50 years before were now accessible to the common man!  The age of flight had arrived.  Until the turn of the 21st century, an entire industry was built upon air travel for the common man.  There was nowhere on the planet nobody could be in less than 24 hours.

Then something terrible happened.  Two planes flew into the twin towers in downtown Manhattan on September 11th, 2001.  The American airline industry was bailed out by the Government.  The TSA was created arguably on the blue print of the Nazi Brown Shirts.  Americans believed the fear and propaganda being peddled by the Government that terrorists were out to ‘get us’.  They forgot the warnings of the Founding Fathers, particularly one quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin.  Until recently, the TSA was a joke.  Employee’s of the TSA are nothing but glorified mall cops who like to pretend they are Police Officers.  The American people put up with there nonsense but this time they have gone too far.  They have begun implementing machines that can see through your clothing thats safety is questionable due to them using ionizing radiation.  If people opt out of these machines, they are subjected to an ‘intense pat down’ which would be described as sexual assault if an agent of the Government wasn’t doing the search.

Man’s dream of flying is crumbling.

One good thing has come of all this as we can now end the ‘War on Terror’.  George Bush II once said ‘They [terrorists] hate our freedoms‘.  We are no longer free due to the Government ‘protecting’ us from terrorists.  The terrorists have won.  America has lost.  We can now bring the troops home.

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I'm a former slave who is now trying to become a freeman
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