The Gun Ban

The only hope we have now is the that in the coming months gun ownership will increase to a level that it will be almost impossible to enforce any sort of effective gun ban.

I am trying to calculate how a gun ban would play out and the sort of compliance that the government could expect:

1- 30% of gun owner will hand their guns over like good sheep.

2 – 30% of gun owners will ignore the law initially and force the govt go through the extra expense of tracking them down. Some will turn over some of their guns when threatened with jail time and perhaps try to hide them too claiming they were lost, stolen or sold.

3 – 3% of gun owners will passively resist through non-compliance to the point of being arrested.

4- 2% will go to war with the Federal Govt and physically resist with violence.

5- 35% will file off the serial # and sell them on the black market in an effort to cut their financial loss on the purchase of the guns.

There have been a lot of people saying “From my cold, dead hand”. I do not think Government will be very intimidated by ordinary non-violent citizens making threats like this. Such resistance would be very isolated and unorganized.¬†Government¬†forces would have every advantage and will likely resolve the situation without harm to themselves.

I do think that Government should be very intimidated by ordinary citizens trying to recoup their financial loss by selling their guns and ammunition on the black market. This is something that government should be very fearful of. The people who buy then on the black market will shoot anyone who tries to disarm them.

A Gun Ban would turn otherwise good citizens into criminals. Either though their non-compliance or by giving them an incentive to sell their guns illegally. The net result is a more dangerous situation then if they would just leave gun owners alone.

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