The other side of the coin sucks, too…

Why do Americans consistently vote for the other side of the coin and automatically think this great nation will become free and prosperous again.  Have Americans been asleep for far too long to realize that Democrats and Republicans control us equally, just in different ways.  Democrats control us with programs like- welfare, taxes, big business, national health care & commercial bail outs while Republicans control us with programs like- big business, perpetual war, fear mongering & corporate bail outs.  In the end, we’re becoming less free and more controlled, taxed & regulated!

I cannot bring myself to voting for the “other side of the coin”.  Basically what voting for the other side of the coin consists of is voting for the opposite party that is currently in control of  the country, state, town and so on.  Many folks seem to think that this actually makes our future better, but in the end, we’re just headed down the road to serfdom.

Lets look at some examples as to what voting  for the other side of the coin has done for us in the past 10 years or so…

President George W. Bush gave us:
No Child Left Behind
Iraq War
Afghanistan War
Department of Homeland Security
Patriot Act
Transportation Security Administration
Troubled Asset Relief Program
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
Auto Bailout
Air Transportation Safety and Stabilization Act
Federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Federal Mac

President Obama has so far given us:
Car Allowance Rebate System
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act
Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act
Economic Stimulus Package

I’m sure I forgot a lot of stuff, but this is just some of the crap that has been signed into law over the past 10 or so years.

After seeing that the other side of the coin sucks, this will lead me to having most of my votes in the 2010 election cycle be write-in votes .  There are a few good candidates that are still on the ballot, but not many..for example: in my congressional district, which is the 7th, I’ll be voting for Jim Schneller as my U.S. Representative.  I’ll be writing-in Sam Rohrer for Governor & Peg Luksik for U.S. Senate.  As for state elected officials, I need to look more into them as well as a Lieutenant Governor.  I know for sure that I WILL NOT be voting for the corrupt Delaware County Sheriff Joe McGinn.

To end this rant…get educated before voting and continue to educate those around you who are uneducated!

About Andrew Shemo

I'm a liberty fighter from the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.
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