The Tyranny of Administrative Law

Administrative law is where a legitimate Government body (i.e Congress in the USA or the House of Commons in England) creates a government agency that has some specific function with regards to regulation. These governmental bodies have powers to enact laws and statutes without the specific approval of the governmental body that created them. Examples of such agencies are the FCC, DHS, and ATF. A complete list of Government agencies within the USA can be viewed here. Please be advised that the list is veryextensive….

The Constitution of the United States is very specific about the powers We the People loan the Federal Government. The Tenth Amendment then states that;

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”.

The State Governments then have their own Constitutions which are also very specific about the powers We the People loan them. This was in order to ensure governments wouldn’t begin to regulate and tax every facet of our lives.

Nowhere in the US Constitution does it allow for the vast majority of government agencies that have been created by Congress and for good reason. Over time, these agencies begin to run amok creating arbitrary laws as they have to justify their existence to Congress every year.

Whilst I believe it is not a new phenomenon for agencies to do this, the technological leap over the past decade has allowed for almost instant communications with anyone in the world thus shining a light on the shenanigans of non-governmental agencies.

One egregious example of administrative law tyranny is the DHS. This agency is so drunk on power that it believes your fourth amendment right is worth trampling all over in the name of  ‘safety’. I have written several articles about the tyranny that is the TSA (see here and here).

One recent, and frankly disturbing revelation, is that of the ATF and ‘Project Gunwalker’. As the Mexican newspaper ‘El Diario’explains;

“In blog has reported anonymously, since the ATF supposedly gives ‘green light’ to U.S. gun dealers to sell weapons to suspects until the officers “inflated” statistics of seizures of weapons to justify the budget millionaire federal agency”.

The sad reality is that these agencies have strayed so far from there original purpose, there only goal is to survive the inevitable massive budget slashing from DC. This means that all the stops will be pulled out to impress upon DC the necessity for there respective agencies existence. An agencies only tool is to pass laws and statutes which, by definition, further restricts our freedoms and liberties. This then pits the average American against the Government which is supposed to protect them.

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4 Responses to The Tyranny of Administrative Law

  1. Bill Tsafa says:

    The ATF should be disbanded. They have no place in a Free country.

  2. Andrew Shemo says:

    I agree. so should the cia, fbi, dea and etc.

  3. Dan Gillings says:

    Click on the first link in the article. That’ll take you to the website where ALL the alphabet soup agencies are listed.

    I’m in favour of abolishing all of them but I didn’t have time to write about every single transgression done by all the agencies….. ;op

  4. Andrew Shemo says:

    yeah, no doubt. your post would probably exceed the wordpress text limit, lol.

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