Troy Davis, Rick Perry, and ending the death penalty

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4 Responses to Troy Davis, Rick Perry, and ending the death penalty

  1. Bill Tsafa says:

    The way I see it, liberty, freedom, safety, all require that we be willing to kill for it. If you want to free as a nation, you have to be willing to kill anybody who would invade your land. If you want to be safe at the local level, you also have to be willing to kill those who would kill you or your children.

    What difference does it make if you shoot someone who invades your home to kill you… or if he you executed after the fact. If someone tries to kill me, I will try to kill him first. If I fail, please avenge me.

    Freedom and safety is something that must be earned.

    Let us not also forget that this is a “Food Chain Based Planet”. Animals kill each other to survive. Animals also kill each other over territorial disputes. If you have ever seen a cat catch a mouse or a seal catch a penguin, you know that animals also kill for sport too.

    We humans are part of the food chain on this planet. We were meant to eat and be eaten. We have had a very long history of killing for food, territory and sport. We are not too far removed from the spectators who cheered in the Roman Colosseum. This is natural to all of us. Most of us have culturally suppressed it… a few have not and still take delight in murder and torture. To them it is a natural right.

    If we look deep within our souls we will find that we are all capable of murder and also capable of control. It is a choice. A choice that is harder or easier for various people, but it is what we are.

    A person who intentionally murders for personal gain or satisfaction should face the same.

  2. Tim says:

    it’s the difference between necessary steps to protect your life and property and the unnecessary step of acting out in violence when it is no longer needed. Killing the perpetrator of a violent crime does nothing and if you take pleasure in the death of any man no matter what crime he has committed you only degrade yourself. We are all human, of course, and none of us are above these emotions but our temperance is what reflects our civility and our difference from violent men.

  3. Bill Tsafa says:

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

    You can rephrase that to say:

    The Tree of JUSTICE must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of the CITIZENS and CRIMINALS.

    It is the same idea on a different scale.

  4. Even Morales says:

    said it like a true politician and life rights person. all of you are blessed.

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