Veterans Day

I am a veteran.  I served in Iraq in 2003.  I took the time this morning to write an e-mail to Lew Rockwell at which he subsequently posted it on the sites blog.   It can be viewed below and here.  I also ask that anybody who feels the desire to leave jingoistic knee jerk comments to keep the language clean and constructive.


Subject: from a veteran on veteran’s day

Mr Rockwell,

I’m an Iraq veteran.  I served with the British Army in 2003 but I currently reside in the US.  This ‘Veteran’s Day’ crap irks me.  Why do I want to be thanked?  Is it because I helped kill poor ‘brown’ people in a foreign land for reasons nobody quite understands? Or is it because we got rid of a ‘despotic’ leader only to install an puppet of the American Government?  Or is it for being a pawn of the Anglo-American empire that has helped to erode civil liberties in the western world through fear based propaganda peddled by Governments?

Today is always a fun day though.  I get to wear my Ron Paul ‘just come home’ t-shirt.  I like to get into conversations with people.  Neo-cons are always the best.  They literally short circuit when a veteran opposes the war based on moral and ethical reasons.  Some even call me a traitor.  I take that as a compliment.  If being a traitor means I don’t have to kill innocent people in a far away world, than I’m okay with that.

I think we should have a ‘Collateral Damage’ day.  We can all remember the innocent people who were killed by Anglo-American troops for nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I imagine neo-cons would again call me a traitor though….

In Liberty,

Dan Gillings


For anybody who is wondering what the featured image is, it is a picture by a British journalist called Tim Hetherington.  He took the picture of an American soldier in Afghanistan in 2008 and described it as showing “the exhaustion of a man and the exhaustion of a nation”.

It won the World Press Photo award in 2008.

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