Why do Americans accept a Top-Down model of government & society?

While reading a revisited version of Thomas Paine’s: Common Sense, it intrigued my interest and I thought this could be a good topic of debate.

Why is it that Americans, as indigenous people, accept a top-down model of government & society today?  A top-down model of government follows this order & power-

top-down government:
1- federal government
2- state government
3- county government
4- city government
5- township/civic organizations
6- individuals/families

so if we use the top-down model government, which we have today, the federal government is more powerful than the people it’s tasked to serve.  and when such a model exists, it is TYRANNICAL and usurps any means of liberty.  that whenever a collectivist approach is instituted, accepted, and used, we become slaves to our masters.

from the late 1800s to current times, we’ve seen a slow progression of big government (by both Democrats & Republicans).

let’s look at a few examples:

– Federal Reserve Act (both fraudulent & unconstitutional)
– 16th amendment (apparently this amendment was never ratified properly making it null & void)
– minimum wage law is enforced (goodbye laissez faire)
– income tax (immoral & unconstitutional)
– 17th amendment (direct election of senators by voters to replace selection by state legislators)
– Federal trade commission act (federal agency to police over business)
– a whole slew of social entitlements (welfare, social security, government health care, food stamps, etc.)
– war on drugs (perpetual)
– war on terror (perpetual)
– patriot act (unconstitutional)
– national health care (unconstitutional)

A top-down society model follows these principles-

top-down society:
1- fear
2- control
3- force
4- centralized planning
5- stifled creativity
6- despair
7- breakdown of families
8- dependence
9- concentrated power
10- poverty

using the top-down society model, our government first instills fear into our minds using the “what if” line and then begins to control us by feeding their propaganda through media; whether it be online, in newspapers, in magazines, on television or on the radio.  Most Americans simply accept what they’re hearing by the mainstream media without looking further into these issues and pondering the ideas and approach.

fear & control wouldn’t work without force.  we’re seeing massive amounts of force being used to combat stuff that’s perpetual (continuing forever), such as the war on drugs and the war on terrorism.  those 2 issues alone have caused a great loss of liberty.

Poverty is something that’ll always exist because we have a welfare state where money is stolen from citizens and then distributed to others.  Sadly enough, most of the money goes back to government bureaucracy rather than going to the people it’s supposed to help.  Also, we allowed a private corporation to control our currency (federal reserve).  we have allowed them to continually enslave us with debt, create inflation & deflation, encourage malinvestment and print money at free will.  if you control the money, then you control the people.  if you control the people, then you can move on to the ultimate goal of having a world government (United Nations) and keep every citizen in chains.

Our forefathers supported & implemented rules of law (the constitution) to respect & recognize the bottom-up model of government & society which follows these powers & principles-

bottom-up government:
1- individuals/families
2- township/civic organizations
3- city government
4- county government
5- state government
6- federal government

This model is pretty self-explanatory and I’m not sure it needs much convincing that it’s a MUCH better philosophy then the current top-down model.

With the bottom-up model for government, it provides for the MAXIMUM amount of liberty.  it recognizes that the best choices are made by individuals and families.  that the best decisions for states, towns & cities are done on a local level and not at ANY federal level.

Basically “government is best which governs least.”

bottom-up society:
1- love
2- freedom
3- non-coercion
4- local control
5- abundant creativity
6- optimism
7- strong families
8- personal responsibility
9- universal opportunity
10- prosperity

The bottom-up society seems to simply be common sense.

Love and freedom are something that require each other.  Love requires us to respect the rights on individuals to live their own lives and to make their own decisions.  One must realize that all humans are separate, unique, and diverse.  Love includes both a sense of unity with others and respect for each person as a unique, free, and self-controlling individual.

Non-Coercion is a very simple rule of freedom.  As its name implies, it’s allowing free people to pick and choose under their own cognition rather than being forced to do something against their free will.

Any situation can be improved by human creativity and for creativity to constantly be expanded upon, we need a system that allows for maximum freedom.  If we encourage people to be creative, then one could assume this could spark self-reliance; thus decreasing the need for government assistance.

Shouldn’t we all support the bottom-up model of both government and society where the power & principles are for the free people?

it’s about time we, as free people, stop taking a dogmatic approach to the so-called utopia of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness and actually start trying to restore the VERY ACHIEVABLE and the once thriving principles and philosophies that our forefathers once died fighting for.  no more of this lesser of two evils bullshit, because in the end, they’re both terrible choices.  if they’re not going to restore freedom in America then they need to move out of the damn way.

the government can keep my fucking chains and I’ll gladly return the key to their cage.  I WANT OUT of a top-down model & society.  what say you?

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I'm a liberty fighter from the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.
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2 Responses to Why do Americans accept a Top-Down model of government & society?

  1. Shawn Kelly says:

    Remember, there is a distinct difference between government and society. They are not one in the same, and a society does not require a government to function, the opposite though, is not true. Without a society, there cannot be a government.

  2. Andrew Shemo says:


    yes, but in our civil society, government has direct influence on the way things work. we can just look at any major city and see what an oppressive government has done to a large portion of our population.

    I do agree that without a society, government can’t exist.

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