Would you consider yourself a terrorist

Would you consider yourself a terrorist?

The Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security (POHS) web-site states “Domestic terrorism involves groups or individuals whose terrorist activities are directed at elements of our government or population without foreign direction.” It also states “Terrorists often use threats to create fear among the public, to try to convince citizens that their government is powerless to prevent terrorism, and to get immediate publicity for their causes.”

Now, would you consider yourself a terrorist?

I never thought of myself as a terrorist, I love America and the foundation that America was built on. I am a Star Scout and proud son of an Eagle Scout who fought for my freedom in Vietnam. I am outspoken and believe that our country has strayed from the foundation and we find ourself at the mercy of corruption and greed in all levels of government, but never have I thought of myself being labeled a terrorist.

This all changed on September 30th, while I was reading the Pennsylvania Actionable Intelligence Bulletin’s (PAIB) that were posted online by the POHS. Within bulletin 61 dated March 19, 2010, it detailed an article which I completed in August of 2009, which discussed and mapped the numerous closed circuit camera’s that were rapidly growing in number across the Commonwealth on my web-site PARevolution.com.

In March, there was a huge push by PennDot and local communities in placing cameras everywhere without discussing how they would or could be used. Camera’s here and there are one thing, but when a network of camera’s are setup and can follow you from point A to point B, I felt as though my right to privacy was invaded. This project was innocent in nature and never thought it would be considered an act of terrorism.

But there it was in PAIB-61, the first two pages talked about how career criminals and terrorists of all kinds map the location and number of CCTV camera’s. Little did I know, that before the 2008 Democratic National Convention and again before the 2010 Olympics. That privacy right groups had filed Freedom of Information Requests, requesting the locations of these cameras in their cities. My sources were online, PennDot’s web-site and a group shared a web-site link that showed the locations in Lancaster City.

But it went on and declared that Pennsylvania Revolution is owned, operated and displays the views and opinions of me, Scott Davis, and several contributors to the site. My name now associated with suspected terrorists and career criminals. This list was published to the Pennsylvania Intelligence Community which included private businesses, law enforcement, sheriff’s and numerous others.

I was in shock, I had to read the bulletin again and was still in shock. By the time I finished reading the 137 bulletins, I was somewhere between scared, concerned and you are kidding me. The depth that the PAIB’s went to discuss groups, people and upcoming events does not begin to measure up to how they went on to compare those same groups and people with anarchists, terrorists, career criminals and a threat to homeland security.

The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR) who provided the PAIB’s to the POHS, completed that comparison to create fear and panic among the Pennsylvania Intelligence Community. The ITRR did not research all of what they were reporting, instead the ITRR created threats in order to highlight fears and receive immediate publicity for their cause. The ITRR’s business is fear, fear within corporations and governments to subscribe to their system, to be notified of upcoming events and news that may affect what they are doing, all while installing more fear.

I do not consider myself a terrorist, I do consider myself to be a lover of both liberty and freedom, both of which our fore-fathers and my father risked their lives to protect and provide to their future generations.

If it makes me a terrorist to dislike the direction our country is going.

If it makes me a terrorist to state that Republicans are just as much to blame as Democrats, that they both promote the hope and change, while continuing to violate the Constitution and further take away our liberty and freedom.

If it makes me a terrorist to have read the constitution and both sets of federalist papers while encouraging others to learn not only what the constitution states but the meaning and fight that went into the writing of it.

If it makes me a terrorist to have an opinion about government and vocalize my displeasure with all politicians.

If it makes me a terrorist to document the eyes in the sky that follow me daily from home to work and back home again.

If it makes me a terrorist to own a gun, and believe that my right to do so, shall not be questioned.

If it makes me a terrorist to freely communicate my thoughts and opinions while discussing the abuses of liberty.

If it makes me a terrorist to question government and work to restore honesty and integrity to those houses.

Then my friends I guess I am a terrorist.

In Liberty

Scott Davis

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3 Responses to Would you consider yourself a terrorist

  1. Dan G says:

    Don’t forget war veterans! I am a suspected terrorist because I served in Iraq 2003.

    Priceless, absolutely fucking priceless!

  2. Andrew Dymond says:

    I would not. Sadly my government feels I am at a greater risk of being one because of my employment history, belief system, and political views. At least I know I am in good company.

  3. Andrew Shemo says:

    Unfortunately these words are becoming more relevant as we see a sweeping police state across the nation.

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