10th Amendment protects against government overreach

Written on: 5/8/10

The state of our commonwealth and nation has distanced itself so far from its founding, meaning and purpose, that we can only watch as our lives change, liberty is challenged and the pursuit of happiness becomes harder to obtain.

Our nation was built on the idea of giving power to the people, but today it has eroded to only benefit elected officials, regardless of party affiliation.

Each day both the Republicans and Democrats promise change, but both deliver only larger and more powerful central government while spending taxpayer money at alarming rates.

The people who in 1776 fought to free their children from taxation and political corruption wrote the document that was intended to prevent their children’s children from having to face the fight they were battling.

They envisioned that corruption would return and so created a system of checks and balances, which were supposed to maintain the power of the people. The Founding Fathers were not politicians, they were public servants.