A note to fellow gun owners

The right to keep and bear arms is the staple to a free society where liberty prevails and of which America was founded on.  If we don’t keep those thoughts in mind, we’ll end up like every other nation on the face of the planet that is or was under some sort of Authoritarian rule.

We have failed to ensure that the constitutional Republic that the founders gave to us always remains intact.  We have failed to protect the right to keep and bear arms.  We have failed to push back anti-gunners from legislating against our rightful ownership of arms.  We have failed at educating the public as to why we carry a weapon for self defense.  We have failed to do a lot and it’s about time we turn things around and start taking action.

The Right Argument in Support of the Second Amendment

Written by: Jason Ronczka

So much time is spent in gun circles pondering how to bring more people into supporting the passion that is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. All manners of arguments are created, some using empirical data and statistics to show that crime is not caused by guns or that guns actually reduce crime; others citing historical significance showing that our history and the basis for the power and security of our citizenry is an armed populace.

Personally, my experience is that if you attack the issue from the basis of ALL rights; that all free people have them at birth and they cannot truly be taken away (not even by law) and that they are all important in order for a free people to flourish despite promises of safety or prosperity in the absence of said rights, it’s much easier to bring people around to the support of the Second Amendment.