Global Insurrection and States’ Rights: tyranny vs. Liberty

Even if you have been living under a rock (and no I don’t mean Saudi Arabia) you have heard about the seemingly global civil unrest in countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Tunisia, and Egypt. These peoples, being under despotic rule, decided that tyranny could reign no longer. They took to the streets, organized themselves into groups, and fought against riot police, State curfews, and good ol’ made-in-America tear gas in order to get that message across.

The other side of the coin sucks, too…

Why do Americans consistently vote for the other side of the coin and automatically think this great nation will become free and prosperous again.  Have Americans been asleep for far too long to realize that Democrats and Republicans control us equally, just in different ways.  Democrats control us with programs like- welfare, taxes, big business, national health care & commercial bail outs while Republicans control us with programs like- big business, perpetual war, fear mongering & corporate bail outs.  In the end, we’re becoming less free and more controlled, taxed & regulated!

I cannot bring myself to voting for the “other side of the coin”.  Basically what voting for the other side of the coin consists of is voting for the opposite party that is currently in control of  the country, state, town and so on.  Many folks seem to think that this actually makes our future better, but in the end, we’re just headed down the road to serfdom.