My Open Letter to the Campaign for Liberty

Mr. Tate,

In the 21 days this month you have sent me four e-mails requesting money to help your campaigns outside of Pennsylvania.  In addition to the four e-mails you sent, that e-mail was forwarded to me from 15 other lists within Pennsylvania, so for the 64th time this month, I know you want money from Pennsylvania to spend on campaigns outside of our Commonwealth.

Let’s rewind.  As a State Coordinator for the Ron Paul 2008 campaign, I was invited to an invitation only event the day before the Rally for the Republic kicked off.  This event we were promised openness and transparency.  It was said that bylaws and the creation of Campaign for Liberty would come from the people that put it so much to make the campaign the success it was.  This meeting turned into disgust when microphones were turned off and the questions we had were not answered.  We wanted an organization that stood firm on the fight for liberty.