Words have actual and specific meaning

regulate vb

  1. 1. to adjust (the amount of heat, sound, etc, of something) as required; control
  2. 2. to adjust (an instrument or appliance) so that it operates correctly
  3. 3. to bring into conformity with a rule, principle, or usage

I begin with a simple definition for a simple word, that still misses the most fundamental mark.  The beauty of our Founding Documents was that they were legal documents written in language that the common man might understand.  One did not need extensive legal training to understand and discuss the very nature of government and the principles by which they governed.  Great care was given to what words were used and how those words might be twisted by future generations to counter the intent of the Founders.  In one of the more well known examples (though still obscure considering how few people know this factoid) Thomas Jefferson’s original draft of the Declaration of Independence he listed the inalienable rights as “Life, Liberty, and Property.”  Understanding that this might be used to cement the notion that one man can own another as property the text was changed to be what we all know it to be today; “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”