Don’t Ask, Don’t Care

Traditional values are sometimes a good moral compass to help steady a nation through times of crisis and hardship, but they can also be an excuse to hold on to antiquated prejudices that deny some members of society the equal rights they deserve. So it is with homosexual individuals being discriminated against for their desire to serve this nation with honor.

The policy of don’t ask, don’t tell is not only absurd but by its very nature a violation of basic civil rights, and now the courts have stepped in to confirm what gay and lesbian activists have been saying for quite some time. Two weeks ago District Court Judge Virginia Phillips had the courage to declare this practice unconstitutional and a violation of the first and fifth amendments.

Unfortunately, President Obama doesn’t have the moral courage to take a firm stand on the issue and abolish this practice altogether. He is standing by while Congress debates the issue and is gauging the consequences of allowing gays to openly serve in the military.