The Impossibility of Economic Utopia

People can not seem to understand why it is absolutely impossible to have an Economic Utopia. A Economic Utopia is a state where you have 100% employment and everybody makes enough money to buy everything they want. This is an absolute impossibility due to human nature.

What is Human Nature within the context of business? It is a struggle between greed and laziness. On the one hand people want to do as little work as possible… and on the other hand peopleĀ  want as much luxury as possible. When the possibly of excelling above their peers is not available through the force of greed, such as in a socialist system, people will fall back to laziness and work as little as possible. As people work less and less, first luxury items will become scarce and then basic needs like food and shelter will no longer be produced. Hence Utopia is an impossibility in a Socialist system.