Lawlessness within the ATF

Yes America, a federal agency appears to be trying to cover up a horrific story where 2 federal agents were killed by guns that American officials allowed to walk freely down across the border into Mexico which ultimately landed up in the hands of some drug cartels.  All apparently so the ATF could take down a large Drug Cartel to make it appear as if they’re making the world safer from drugs and that their war on drugs is actually working.

Open Carrier harassed and threatened in Philadelphia

Mark Fiorino, a fellow gun owner in the state of Pennsylvania, was walking to a local auto parts store when he was confronted by officers of the Philadelphia Police Department because he was openly carrying his firearm.  In our commonwealth, open carry is completely legal without a license except for when carrying in a car, in the city of Philadelphia and during the time of a declared emergency.  The statue below, which can be found in the PA Uniform Firearms Act, is the current law with regards to carrying in Philadelphia.

§6108. Carrying Firearms on Public Streets or Public Property in Philadelphia.

Enjoy Your Stay

You open your eyes. You are looking up at the sky and see white clouds scattered across a pale blue background. Something’s wrong…you shake your head and look down to see that you are bleeding as the effects of momentary shock wear off. Tilting your head around you see others lying in pools of blood; some crying in pain, others staring up at that same blue sky with lifeless expressions. Memories of recent events flood into your mind and you see the flare of gunfire and the panic of innocent victims running in terror. It was just a short time ago but now seems like a lifetime away as a cold feeling begins to creep under your skin. “My son, my daughter…where are they?!” you scream out in your mind but it comes out as only a gasp barely audible in the ensuing chaos. You try desperately to stand but fall back down and roll slightly to one side and see every member of your family lying quietly next to you. A single tear rolls down your cheek and before you can even feel the first pangs of grief your mind goes blank and the cold feeling envelops you.